Pedro Sanchez takes Begonia Gomez to Kenya and South Africa after 4 years of profit

Begona Gomez accompanying head GovernmentAnd the Pedro SanchezOn his new international trip, an extensive African tour will take him these days to Kenya and South Africa which, according to Moncloa, aims to strengthen strategic alliances with these countries and facilitate business opportunities for Spanish companies. Although Gomez has participated in other trips abroad by Sanchez, this time it’s Especially controversial Because the socialist president’s wife directed for four years IE Africa Center At the Empresa Institute (IE). His integration into the president’s entourage was not confirmed until the last minute.

From his position at IE – a business hub active in more than 20 cities in Africa and 10 African countries with regional offices in Nigeria and South Africa – Gomez has maintained Very close contact with the countries of the continentAnd cooperate with their projects to cooperate and train entrepreneurs. In Kenya, for example, the school has various partnerships for its students to work on “high impact” projects in the country. Moreover, it is related to African private and public organizations for Promoting the development of social enterprises on the continent and among its objectives Enhancing the value of Africa in terms of ‘business innovation’.

A task that Gomez undertook for years, after Sanchez arrived in Moncloa, in parallel directing several degrees at the Complutense University of Madrid.

In fact, appointing the president’s wife –Expert in NGO Fundraising – This position of high responsibility in a business school of international stature such as IE has been particularly controversial. The signing took place in August 2018, just two months after Sanchez arrived in Moncloa. Then, in addition to the opportunity, her training for this position was questioned because it must be remembered that although she presents herself as a “marketing graduate”, Gomez does not have official address. In June of this year it became known that is over His relationship with IE to focus on other work careers, although his picture continues to appear on the center’s website, to promote his various projects.

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Begoña Gómez, at the IE Africa Center website.


During these four years, Gomez had the opportunity to weave his relations with the African continent to which he is now traveling at the expense of the public treasury.

However, his schedule on this trip did not appear, as Moncloa claims it is not a charge “chosen by the people” Thus, she does not have an “official agenda”, although sources from the presidency assert that she “may have a private agenda”. In any case, he is expected to accompany Sanchez on one of his appointments, as is customary, or at various receptions, lunches and dinners. The socialist president’s agenda includes visits that also fit his profile, such as the Women’s Business Incubator Cooperation Project in the Kenyan capital.

Since Sanchez came to power, Gomez has maintained a sporadic role in his public appearances. The highlight of this year was one at the last NATO summit, when I became host to fellow world leaders meeting in Madrid. Despite not having a public office, the president’s wife received the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, at Moncloa. In addition, she traveled abroad on several occasions, particularly in the early months of her husband’s tenure, when she accompanied him to the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, France, among others. However, the Socialist Executive has always refused to report its activity on these voyages, turning its presence into a completely protected cause from Moncloa.

The reinforcement in his career after Sanchez came to power was also a source of controversy, as in these years Gómez was fixing his curriculum with various academic responsibilities at the Complutense University of Madrid, such as the direction of his master’s degree and chair. in Competitive Social Transformation and a Master’s Degree in Management of Public and Private Fundraising in Non-Governmental Organizations.

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In addition, her relationship with Africa has been in the spotlight due to the closeness From Sanchez to Morocco The crisis with Algeria. Digital France bracelet Came to link the clash with Algeria with the work of Gomez in Morocco. In an article published in June, Al Bawaba hinted that the Spanish government’s decision to accept Morocco’s position on the Sahara would be linked to spying on Sanchez’s mobile phone via Pegasus and “bargaining” with information allegedly found by Moroccan services. Intelligence information on “government corruption and nepotism,” some of which “would implicate his wife,” according to the author of the article.

short trip

Sanchez’s trip to Kenya and South Africa is unprecedented, as no Spanish president has visited either of these countries before. According to government sources, the intention is to search for new business and investment opportunities for Spanish companies as well as to continue deepening the relationship with Africa and its leaders, with a focus on the Spanish presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2023. The appointment that the socialist wants to turn into a propaganda platform for the general elections at the end of the year .

Sanchez traveled with a limited representation of businessmen, with whom, as Moncloa explained, he will analyze with the authorities of the two countries the opportunities available in different sectors, particularly those related to energy, water or infrastructure.

Wednesday’s tour agenda began with a business breakfast with Spanish businessmen in Kenya, after which President William Ruto Sanchez was received.

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