Pedro Castillo is facing the Peruvian Congress over a law that limits its power to dissolve parliament

file image. Peruvian President Pedro Castillo greets Mirta Vásquez after her appointment as Prime Minister, in Lima, Peru. October 6, 2021. Presidency of Peru / Distributed via Reuters. Attention Editors – This image was provided by a third party. There are no reviews or profiles.

On Wednesday, the Peruvian government announced that it will introduce Lawsuit to declare a law passed by Congress “unconstitutional”with an opposition majority, who – which Limits the power of leftist President Pedro Castillo to dissolve Parliament.

Congress gave birth to see on Tuesday Law amending government powers to request a “vote of confidence” to their ministers, a mechanism through which executives seek Protect his government This now, according to the government, has broken the “balance of power.”

Prime Minister, Mirtha VasquezHe said in a press conference after a meeting of his cabinet that it was decided to submit it to the Constitutional Court A plea to repeal the law, once Congress enacts it in the next few days.

According to the Peruvian constitution, The president can dissolve the unicameral Congress if lawmakers reject a cabinet vote of confidence twice, a mechanism that led in 2019 to the closure of Parliament by the then President Martin Vizcarra And A major political crisis in the mining country.

The bill was approved in Congress by 79 votes to 43 against The government may request a vote of confidence only in matters relating to the general policy of the executive branch and not in those relating to constitutional reforms.

The rule was approved even though the government is looking for a balance, Hours before sending him a reform project in which the president is removed due to mental or physical incapacity; not by “moral impotenceAs is the case now and that – because it is not objective according to analysts – It has caused the resignation or vacancy of three leaders in less than four years.

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Congress now has the power of authority at any time to go to the presidential office due to the “above” moral impotence, where it all comes down, while the executive remains unprotectedJustice Minister Anibal Torres said at the same press conference.

Regarding the legislative decision, the President of Congress said: Maria del Carmen Alpha From the centre-right party popular work– He told reporters that the law It reaffirms the commitment to democracy and the defense of parliamentary privileges.”

(With information from Reuters)

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