Pedro Castillo announced military service for unemployed youth after taking office as President of Peru

help Alberto Fernandez and other rulers of the region, Pedro Castillo He took this Wednesday as the new head of Peru. In his first speech he left a controversial proposal NS Unemployed youth. And he issued an alert to the “foreign criminals” in his country.

Young people who do not study and do not work He should go to military servicesaid the new Peruvian president.

Minutes before another equally brutal ad was thrown. “Foreign criminals 72 hours term from history to leave the countryCastillo asserted in Congress after his inauguration.

This is Wednesday I swear “Gosh, for my family, for my Peruvian brothers and sisters, peasants and indigenous peoples” to hold an elective office in Peru until 2026. He added that he swore For a country without corruption And for a new constitution.

Pedro Castillo in his inaugural address to the Peruvian Congress. Pictures of the Presidency of the Republic

His most important announcement was a project Constitution reform Peru, developed in 1993 during the mandate of Alberto Fujimori.

“One of our main political flags, which has now become the flag of the majority of the people, is Invitation to the Constituent Assembly, which gives our country a new Magna Carta that allows it face change to our economic and social reality,” Castillo said.

Anyway, I acknowledge that a Long work in Parliament. He admitted, “Without a doubt, to achieve this purpose we will have to reconcile positions with Congress, as here, in this House of Laws, where the corresponding rules have to be approved.”

Castillo’s campaign proposal to change the current constitution was rejected by his right-wing rival Keiko FujimoriThe daughter of the former president and by other political opponents.

“We will insist on this proposal, but Within the legal framework said the new president, whose Peruvian Liber party has only 37 out of 130 seats in parliament.

The government palace will abdicate

As stated by Castillo Will not guide the country from the Palace of BizarroThe seat of government, where he plans to turn it into a museum.

“I won’t judge the house of Bizarro, because I think we have to. Stay away from colonial symbols. We will give this palace to the new Ministry of Culture for its use as a museum “This shows our history,” said the Peruvian president.

The Government Palace, also known as Pesaro Palace, in the Plaza de Armas in Lima, Peru.  Photo EFE . file

The Government Palace, also known as Pesaro Palace, in the Plaza de Armas in Lima, Peru. Photo EFE . file

In his speech of about an hour before the foreign authorities, the former rural teacher of Cajamarca also promised that when his term expired, on July 28, 2026, he would resume his “usual teaching duties”.

Castillo, 51, a representative of the Peruvian left, was elected on the ballot against Keiko Fujimori, who overtook him. Only 44,263 votes. After more than a month of complaints and uncertainty, the National Elections Jury declared him president on July 20.

Despite his left-wing origin, he confirmed this Wednesday Respect for private property. This announced other actions that can awaken a ambiguous ideological consideration.

In this sense, he said, it was “totally wrong” for his government to expropriate property or nationalize. Thus, he reached the crossroads of the accusations of his political opponents.

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However, he warned that there would be a system in which the ‘Big Companies don’t cheat treasuryHe stressed that the state will have a supervisory role in “defending the environment and consumer rights.”


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