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One of the most successful drama series that has been broadcast in recent times Netflix This year ends. “meager masksShe drew millions of viewers not only for her story – based on gangsters in the mid-20th century – but also for the interpretation of the characters and, for that matter, the role of Irish actor Cillian Murphy, who plays the star Tommy Shelby It is a nice

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The BBC’s six seasons of this plot tell a well-crafted story on screen, which makes the difference because of the minimum of detail, that gives context to the city of Birmingham in the 1920s, where the whole story of this gangster family begins.

Since the first season premiere, in 2013, audience reception in England and part of the world has been on the rise. However, the fourth and fifth seasons that ended up had an explosion in ratings. For this reason, everyone is now eagerly awaiting the sixth and final installment.

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The Irish actor has gained notoriety with his character Tommy Shelby (Image: British GQ/Instagram)

What does Killian Murphy hate the most about Tommy Shelby from “Blind Peak”?

The sixth season has already been launched in the UK at the end of last February and in an interview that actor Cillian Murphy gave with detailing how his characters “affected” his real life.

“I think it took about three months for me to leave behind my protagonist who I consider very important to me. It’s not like I’m a style actor who lives with his role all the time in real life, but it affects me and I have to distance myself so that I can take on another challenge” .He expressed.

When asked what bothered him when describing Tommy Shelby, Murphy noted that the aforementioned gangster’s physical appearance, as he required a special muscle-gaining diet and a demanding workout routine.

“I am not a physically majestic person (as Tommy Shelby). So I have to eat a lot of protein and lift a lot of weight. Do weights and all that stuff. This takes a certain amount of time, which I hate.”He confessed.

He also revealed that one of the other things that made him suffer the most was leaving his natural accent from Cork, his hometown, to adopt a Brume dialect, which is Birmingham’s own dialect. To do this, he had to tour the bars in the city with the presenter of the series and record how the locals speak.

I went out with Steve [Knight, guionista]and went to the Garrison pub in Birmingham with his Brummie friends. And we just drank a Guinness there, and they all sang city songs, and told all kinds of stories. I was recording it with my iPhone. Then I took it home and used it to try and distinguish the dialects, you know.”Kellyanne Murphy noted.

When will ‘Blind Peak’ season 6 be shown?

While in the UK they are already enjoying the final season of this series starring Cillian Murphy, in Latin America we’ll still have to wait a little longer, and despite rumors that it’ll arrive on Netflix in April, that’s not going to be the case. Enter here to know.

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