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The Covid-19 pandemic hit the country hard, after Thousands of jobs lost during this timeThat ended with an economic impact on thousands of families. Now that the economic revitalization has begun, companies are more willing to hire and in Abroad requires Colombian employeesWe tell you about the three new calls.

Two Canadian companies published through Public Employment Agency (SENA) Different calls in which Colombians who want to work in fields such as mechanics, moulding, construction and operation can aspire to different careers.

Vacancies are available in companies called Groupe Ivey Group and Option VIP. Companies approved by Immigration Canada and the Quebec Immigration Department offer job stability to people who join them.

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I am looking for Colombians to work in Quebec, Canada

Option VIP offered two available calls to Quebec City. the first From this indicates that Columbian profiles are required for the jobs of electromechanical, woodworker operator, cabinetmaker, and industrial product painter. for these jobs There are 41 vacancies available Which is exhausted when the required number of CVs are submitted. The closing of this call will be held on September 8.

Candidates must submit their CV On the platform of the Public Employment Agency SENA And apply for the vacant position of interest to you:

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The second call This same company is offering 4 vacancies for the position of Carton Box Machine Operator. These people must have a technical level of education and work full time on weekends. The contract will be indefinite, with a monthly salary in Canadian dollars: 2,240 CAD, equivalent to about 6,800,000 Colombian pesos per month.

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This call will be closed when the requested CVs are sent. You can enter Public Employment Agency Invitation Provided by this call for more information.

Finally, Groupe Ivey Group offers 50 vacancies for Colombians who want to relocate to the city of Ontario in Canada, for positions:

The Advertising It will close when the required number of papers are fulfilled, according to the company’s terms. You can check files The official website of the Public Employment Agency For more information about vacancies.

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