Patrick Mahomez, the head of the team leaders, may have had a nerve blow in the concussion protocol entering the AFC Championship, according to the report.

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The entire NFL paused when this happened. Patrick Mahomes, Former League MVP and Super Bowl MVP holder, zipping to his right for a routine play option hoping to win a few yards for a key first against Cleveland Browns In the AFC division round. There was nothing routine about the outcome though, though Presidents of Kansas City Seeing the top of their half-billion-dollar investment driven into the grass – followed by a frightening moment when Mahomes tried and failed to stand alone.

The surprisingly privileged midfielder was a bit out of the ordinary and helped out in the medical tent before going to the locker room, where he was almost immediately disqualified for the rest of the game. after the match, Coach Andy Reid explained that Mahomes had passed the concussion protocol in the league, a good milestone No.1 for his willingness to move forward.

“He was hit in the head from behind and farted from him and everything else with him,” said Reid. “He’s doing a great job now and it’s a real positive when we look at this. He’s gone through all the deals he needed to pass, so we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Mahomes took Twitter To add more optimism, respond to the back Mac WilsonBrown’s defender who dealt with him in the ill-fated play.

So if Mahomes pass all the concussion tests, what exactly happened that kept him from returning everything at stake against Cleveland? It turns out that Mahomes passed the concussion tests easily because he had never had any in the first place, and the actual reason he immediately delirious was because of the nerve in his neck that had been tweaked (or possibly compressed) at the blow, Carrington Harrison CBS Sports Radio In Kansas City.

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This means that while there is great news about his brain condition, he will still have tests this week on the affected nerve to make sure he has let in a green light against Buffalo bills In the AFC title match (Here’s a look at what he needs to do in order to be able to play). The Chiefs could have won in the absence of Mahomes, thanks to the reserve midfielder tournaments Chad Henny The play’s oddly provocative call from offensive coordinator Eric Binnemi, but Kansas City will need Mahomes on the field to increase its chances of avoiding the equally high-powered bills for a second straight trip to the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, that is The A must-watch headline this week, as Reid on Monday confirmed that Mahomes is already in concussion this week, although he didn’t fail any of those tests.

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