Patricia Arminárez, Vice President of Morena, celebrates the ‘historic record’ in remittances

Businesswoman and Federal Deputy for Morena, Patricia ArmendezAnd Celebrate the “historic record” of conversions That Mexican immigrants send their relatives.

Via her Twitter account Patricia Armendarez Immigrants Thanks for their transfers.

“Another historical record of transfers. Thank you fellow countrymen with all my heart,” tweeted Patricia Armendáriz.

Morena’s deputy confirmed that the increase in remittances Symptoms of increased trade integration Within the scope of the Mexico-US-Canada Treaty (T-MEC).

“For me (the record in remittances) is a symptom of an approach to increasing trade integration in the T-MEC region,” Patricia Armendariz added.

The federal deputy belongs to the commissions Environment, natural resources, social security, as well as finance and public credit.

Patricia Armendarez is following in the footsteps of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), which also celebrates increased conversions.

Even the president has boasted of increased remittances during his government reporting.

This has drawn criticism for AMLO from those who see the increase in remittances as a sign that Mexicans cannot live with what they have, so they are asking for more money from relatives who work outside the country.

Increase conversions

in October, Mexico received $4.819 billion in remittances, According to a report by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico)

That is an increase of 33.8% compared to 3 thousand 602 million dollars received in October of last year.

The monthly increase was 7.7%, with $4,409 million in transfers reported in September.

From January to October this year, The income of remittances amounted to 42 thousand and 68 million dollars.

This is higher than the $33,567 million reported in the same period in 2020, which is an annual advance of 25.6%.

And this figure already exceeds 40 thousand and 605 million pesos received over the past year.

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