“Pathway to Heaven” romantic comedy from another time | With Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Crossing to Heaven 5 points

Heaven ticketUnited States, 2022

Tabuk: Ol Parker

Scenario: Daniel Pepsky and Ol Parker

Period: 104 minutes

Translators: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Kaitlin Dever, Maxime Potter, Lucas Bravo, Billie Lourd.

the first show: Available in rooms.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney. George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Seeing these two names up on the movie poster itself is shocking and many producers and directors would like to have such an endorsement for their work. And although in the popular imagination it may seem that they have been seen together on screen several times, the truth is that they were not that many, not even in the circumstances in which they first happened. Crossing to HeavenFrom first parker. Because it’s true that they shared a poster with a long list of stars in the first two parts of the saga eleventh ocean (2001 and 2004). In the middle they met again Confessions of a dangerous mind (2002), Clooney’s directorial debut, and that only in 2016 they met again money lordDirected by Jodie Foster. But none of them had what everyone wanted to see: a romantic comedy between two of the most popular and sexiest actors of their generation.

Well, the wait is over, which does not mean that the summit meeting was a success. It would certainly be in commercial terms, not only because the proposal is designed to appeal to a wide audience, the two big names at the top of the poster would be reason enough to leave Netflix for a while and go back to the movies. (Note: any good excuse for that.) Also because both interpreters share their magic for a while with their characters and this gesture is the best. Crossing to Heaven. Here, Roberts and Clooney They play an ex-couple who broke up two decades ago, but must unite again to spoil their daughter’s wedding.Considering that the girl is making the same mistake she made twenty-five years ago.

It is true that there are not many other actors who are able, both physically and acting, to recover the lost soul of the classic Screwballs (the romantic comedy of tangles), which was so popular in the 1940s and 1950s thanks to stars such as Cary Grant, James Stewart, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn. In fact, argument, evolution and above all conservative end Crossing to Heaven They strive to imitate that lightness with which they disguise circumstances that were not always so innocent. What happens is that, even with the right actors, Parker’s movie lacks the duality that would allow for this kind of movie. darling naughty (Howard Hawks) or Wrong (George Cukor) plays with corruption in search of browsing the popular Hayes blog. 80 years after those titles, with a layer of disappointment that meant ’70s cinema and even that of post 9/11, an end like that suggested Crossing to Heavenarbitrarily happy, is revealed more as an imposition of the marketing department than a decision of a good screenwriter.

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