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Marcos Lemonis has a relaxed smile. Outside partner cameras take off a small aura of intense businessman This reality show has given him huge popularity as he tries to save companies And companies that suffer from a lack of money or investment. It’s been eight years on the air on The History Channel and the same number of seasons, but Lemonis admits that his proposal is and has undergone interesting changes now.

“I think what I tried to do differently in Season 8 — which airs on Wednesdays at 10:25 p.m. — is to really understand that companies don’t necessarily need money to solve their problems. Sometimes they need discipline and structure. And I I realized that I was often ‘exhausted’ by making a very quick decision. So, in that case now I’m trying to go slow.”admits in an interview in which EL TIEMPO participated.

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Now the businessman and TV star is preparing new formats on the small screen.

Although he reveals that the best entrepreneurs are those who get up every day and work for everything they have, he says, by contrast, “There are some people who wait for something to happen without trying. And I’m here to tell you that whether it is That in my show or in reality, I expect people to put in the effort, put in time, take risks, and do the work. I am very proud of what this program has done for young people, especially in schools. primary, secondary and university, where they can learn a lesson from real life, not only about business, but also about how relationships work in life.”

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“It’s all about relationships with people rather than dollars and cents. Of course, money is part of it. But If you can’t work with people you don’t trust or can’t do certain things, that’s a problem.” Lemon has been added.

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Marcus Lemonis

Lemonis spent seven seasons raising companies that were in free fall.

The dynamism is intense in El social, but he does not forget the rules for forming dramatic or suspenseful peaks, between what the hero finds and what the suffering of those who seek help from him. It is not just a business guide – it is armed, like all reality shows, with twists and turns that keep the viewer attentive. Something this expert also experienced off-camera.

Marcus Limonis considers himself a born capitalist who loves business and is recognized as a non-profit negotiator with the primary goal. The main goal is to satisfy the customer, employees and their community. He wants to leave an imprint and television has helped him achieve that goal. Although he is not afraid to show his emotional side, his other reality.

“I am now married, so my wife has a lot of control over the things she allows me to do, which you can all relate to. Anyone can relate to that. So I used to carry a checkbook and now I carry a check,” he admits.

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cIn terms of software, he explained that business is now much more complex, singular, more manipulative, and smarter. This keeps him on guard all the time. “The pandemic has changed the way I think about others and myself. I feel tougher in some cases, kinder in others. And I think that’s part of the maturity that happens in all business, right? Looking ahead, I really decided I wanted to change my contribution to society.” ”, insists Lemonis, who plans after the end of this season to break out and create other TV content.

“There is no greater work than your work in your life and work within your home. So I made the decision to work on the most important work of all, families and their homes… This year I will launch a new program in the United States, called The Renovator, where I will transform homes, those who live Where them and your money. During the pandemic, we’ve all spent a lot of time together and learned what worked and what didn’t.… work on this principle which ultimately has repercussions for decisions and business,” concludes the businessman from Beirut, who was adopted by an American family.

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