Part of the medical school building was flooded and they called for an emergency declaration

“There is a repair work with a spare parts intervention project that started in November 2020 with a contracting company. As it progressed, the outer moorings were dismantled and we began to warn of rain because it was open, and this was accomplished,” Molinas said in an interview with Rosario TV that heavy rain at the end of August ended. Two large runways were destroyed.

With this in mind, he added, “The company has taken responsibility for the error, but the work is still delayed and there are not enough spaces, which is why we are calling for emergency measures. We are asking for an emergency declaration to cover this water inlet.”

Institutional statement of the College of Medical Sciences:

“It is our responsibility as the authorities of the UN College of Medical Sciences (FCM) to inform the community of what is constantly happening regarding waterproofing work in the east dome of our faculty main building.

To what was communicated more than a month ago about the almost total damage caused by the flooding of the “Salvador Allende” and “Multimedia” stands, we want to add that the Rector’s office responded to CUDI file 24444/2021, explaining the statement of “Delta Constructora SA” that It took “full responsibility for what happened due to negligence” and committed to “immediate compensation” but “within a period of 5 months”.

Unfortunately, due to the new rainfall, there was more water taken up before our complaint, which exacerbated the damage to the aforementioned classrooms and adjacent offices.

The FCM community goes to great lengths to ensure attendance, as in recent weeks more than 6000 students have passed through our house, who, along with teachers and non-educators, have witnessed the reforms made with their own money to achieve the conditions everyone deserves to develop their activities. Unfortunately, the inability to rely on these two runways generates very important complications for the training of our students.

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The position of the university management regarding the only work given to our faculty during 2020-2021 does not allow us to envision significant progress in the works in recent weeks, and therefore this sector remains vulnerable to bad weather. Therefore, with the supposed obligation to protect the interests of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, we call upon the UN administration to declare a construction emergency for this sector and, accordingly, use extraordinary resources to quickly and effectively resolve the catastrophic damage that has occurred. In our beloved building.

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