Paris Hilton will present a cooking show on Netflix!

In pop culture in the early 2000s, a prominent figure was Paris Hilton. Heiress and celebrity were a reference to everything we know today, like the concept of a selfie or an influencer. Right now, Paris Hilton will have a show… and a cooking show.

Paris Hilton will host a cooking show

You could have expected a new reality show like when it was Paris Hilton, my new friendBut the truth is that this time the blonde will be appearing in a new series of recipes on Netflix.

As you read on, Paris Hilton will make a presentation to show off her culinary skills. “Cooking with Paris” It is the name of the program that Netflix has already announced on its Instagram account.

In addition, there is already a release date, at least for the United States. It will be on August 4th.

Instagram Capture (netflix)

While there aren’t many details on what the show will be like, we’re all curious as to what kind of recipes you’ll surprise us with.

He has already shown his skills in the kitchen

Paris Hilton will have a cooking show, because obviously a lot of people have taken an interest in this aspect of her, As a result of the video posted on her YouTube channel of him making lasagna, which went viral.

She revealed in the video that she has always had a passion for cooking, especially pasta and lasagna. The record was all the rage, racking up over 5 million views. She’s definitely not a professional chef, but she defined a lot in the kitchen.

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Paris Hilton’s most recent production was for her YouTube Originals documentary, This is Paris Where he showed intimate aspects of his life and childhood, Like the terrible time she had at Provo Canyon School, a boarding school where she admitted to being abused by staff and shared the story of several other victims there.

In addition, let’s remember that the millionaire in person is going through a great personal moment afterwards Dealing with businessman Carter Reum.

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