Papu Gomez’s wife’s emotional farewell to the Argentine women’s national team: “I will miss you”

From November 20th to December 18th, 2022, there was a month of pure football and very exciting, especially for the whole country since Argentine national team They beat France before penalties and the world champions were celebrated. From this selection directed by Lionel Scaloni Celebrate and post different pictures of that moment.

Since the start of the World Cup, the players have traveled with their families and/or partners who showed their full support throughout that month, cheering them on from the stands of the various stadiums located in Qatar. As the matches went by, the couples would post pictures showing their support.

During these two years, gamers have formed a group of friends and have shown how much fun they have together through social networks. But they were not alone, but their wives and partners established such a strong friendship that they formed a group called “Lascalot”.

How did the World Cup end? Qatar 2022So each of them gathered his belongings and returned to his house. For them, it was an unforgettable month and they made it known through their various publications. Just like Linda Raff, wife of Alejandro “Papu” Gomez, she shared ten photos on her social networks of the “Papu” Gomez and La Scalot family taken together throughout the tournament accompanied by the World Cup song. .”

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As a caption for the photos, Gomez’s wife wrote: “I am happy to share this journey with you. Keep the memories, laughter, tears and unforgettable moments. They all go in the same direction and the same goal. I will miss them“.

In these dozens of photos, Antonella Roccuzzo, Oriana Sabatini, Camila Galante, Carolina Calvani, Emilia Ferraro, Camila Mayan, Yesica Frias, Guadalupe Ramón, Rocio Esposito, Maury Lopez Benitez, Agostina Passerano, Sabrina Di Marzo and Barbustina Okiotsi have appeared. , Valentina Cervantes, Georgilina Cardoso, Julia Silva, Celeste Ray and Mandina Martinez, girlfriends and wives of the players.

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