Panorama – a scientific insurgency that boycotts the position of Iberdrola in Madrid es Sencia to denounce its “green wash”?

Two of the event participants stuck their hands on the podium while claiming that “Iberdrola and institutions must tell the truth about their environmental activities and act immediately in accordance with the terms of the IPCC”. The activists wanted to denounce “the government’s inability to address the necessary protections for the environment and life on Earth.” A spokeswoman for the group emphasized that “the climate crisis is a direct result of an economic and political system that allows major companies to go unpunished. It is a matter of survival to end them.”

The group notes that Iberdrola is taking advantage of the climate crisis to sell itself as an environmentally friendly company, “to dress up its policies that are leading us to the worst.” Scenarios envisioned by the IPCC“. Iberdrola – they explained from Scientific Rebellion – is the eighth company with the largest carbon dioxide emissions in Spain, according to the report published in 2020 on decarbonization by the Sustainability Observatory. The climate defense group notes in its statement that the company has caused ” Forced displacement of 40,000 indigenous people in Brazil through hydroelectric projects: many communities that traditionally lived in forests and rivers were forced to move to urban ghettos as a result of their ecological activity.

The Scientific rebellion Thus begins the civil disobedience campaign that will culminate in the week of April 4th. “Step 1.5 has failed, we need a climate revolution,” the group says while calling for mass mobilization via its website. The campaign – the Rebelión Report – will have a global reach, “with mobilizing more than 1,000 people from the scientific and academic community in more than 20 countries on all continents”.

These are the pages of the latest IPCC report Which activists tried to paste on the Iberdrola platform. If the images are enlarged, then none of the scenarios in the report can be verified as positive. At best, we will cross + 1.5 degrees in 10 years.

Extinction Rebellion It defines itself as “a nonpartisan, decentralized movement against the climate emergency, with a presence in 72 different countries and made up of 1,140 local groups”. He is born with three demands and one method. The demands are (1) that the truth be told about the urgency of the climate crisis; (2) Significantly reduce emissions; and (3) launching citizens’ councils to make room for decision-making. The method is civil disobedience. The country group in XR Spain included a zero order (0) that should inspire the other three: climate justice, the understanding that governments must prioritize the needs of groups in situations of vulnerability and persecution.

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