Pancho Dotto’s health worried: He was rushed to hospital and gave a picture of the coronavirus

Concern about the health of the Pancho Dotto (América Noticias. América)

In the past few hours, there has been concern about the health Pancho Duto. The models’ historical representative has been admitted to Los Arcos Sanatorium since Monday night, and has since been under surveillance. as stated in news of AmericaBC, Dotto approached the facility located in the Palermo neighborhood due to physical discomfort. When they conducted the corresponding studies, they detected an increase in pressure with values ​​\u200b\u200bof 12/22, and they also noted that it had the image of a coronavirus.

This Tuesday afternoon, Dotto himself took to his Instagram account to leave a hopeful message about his health and mood. “I’m here trying to recover‘, written in large letters, at the beginning of a text filled with good wishes and embellished with hearts emoji.I always tell them, we have to enjoy a lot every moment of our lives. Nothing and no one can take away from us the possibility to be free and happy, nor steal our dreams or the joy of living.”

Pancho Dotto post from the sanatorium (Instagram)

“Bad times come on their own. Thank you to everyone who joined and contained today. I will come back with a greater desire to enjoy every minute of my life, in my own way,” he concluded with two smiling photos of him. The post was full of good wishes, among those Araceli Gonzalez, Carola del Bianco, Teresa Calandra, Carolina Pratt, Benito Fernandez s cy light. Later, he posted a postcard from the sanatorium window, the sun rising on the horizon. “The sunset is wonderful,” he said, giving another sign of optimism about his recovery.

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The actress’s last public appearance was less than a week ago, at the 100th anniversary party of a famous fashion magazine. There he had a tense meeting with Valeria mezzeAnd the One of her most emblematic models, her working relationship Not on the best terms. A while before saluting his ex-client, Doto spoke to him intruders (America) about it. “Reunion is what I live normally, it will be normal, all I have to do. Hello, how are you?” said Dotto, in turn, said that among them “There is no relationship but there is respect for everything that has been experienced. But nothing else. We don’t visit each other, nothing“, pointed out.

The tense reunion between Valeria Mazza and Pancho Doto (Intruders. America)

They didn’t invite me to his fiftieth birthday, I was on my farm, 40 kilometers away. I wasn’t expecting an invitation, but I wasn’t offended either, how could I be offended? On the contrary, ”, he said of his absence at the crossbar celebration. “That people insist again on an old topic, such as the fight between Valeria and Pancho. It is really out of fashion. I’ve already said everything I had to say about it. Why would we add something else? You get in there and it shows everything you said. I don’t regret anything I did or said, but I don’t want to dig deeper because it doesn’t help anyoneHe said: when He also revealed that he sent a message to Valeria as soon as he learned of the violent incident involving his son Tiziano..

After a while, they finally passed each other on the red carpet and shared a timid, distant kiss. Then Valeria offered her other cheek for a second kiss. Finally, Pancho introduced her to the flashes that captured Mazza as she arrived at the event. “how beautiful he is! Well, I’ll tell you about the reunion later. I haven’t seen it in years, of course I was surprisedThe blonde said in front of the microphones and entered the room.

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