Paddle: This is how paddle tennis is lived in the UK: ‘Many come from tennis but most consider it a hobby’

NSNS XV World Tennis Paddle that are kept in Doha, Qatar) It allows to investigate in more depth the development of this sport in each of the countries that participated in this world championship. For this reason, MARCA spoke with someone who is experiencing her growth in such a giant United kingdom.

Lavaro Fernandez, women’s coach From the UK at this World Cup, he packed his bags for carrots when he was just 20 years old, and as he resumed his career at jobs of all kinds, he was searching for a niche in the world of racquetball with the firm goal of helping to promote it in this country. He had already seen it growing in Spain and wanted to be on the cutting edge of making it happen in the UK. He started at a club that shut down shortly after, but a call two years later brought him back… and now with Tennis Association when the controls.

For his initial blowout, it’s nice that the Federation is late, but it also makes it possible to continue watching racket and tennis together when they are actually two different sports.

Racquet tennis as such was something special, it was not considered a sportEntering the union gave him a good boost. They have seen Europe grow, and they know that they must be strong in all sports.” tennis link This, however, the Spanish coach sees positively, albeit only in the short term.

“For his initial blowout, it’s good that the Federation is far behind, it provides packaging and posting, but it also makes it possible to continue watching racket and tennis together when they are actually two different sports. They know it grows in Europe, but they can’t imagine how much‘ the coach commented.

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Operation “reversal”

The profile of racquetball players, at least for the most part, is Those who have already entered the tennis court. “Very few new people are coming to you, and that means the level is not the lowest but most of them consider it a hobby. They even offer recyclers from tennis to racket tennis,” Ferndez explains.

In fact, the work of technicians located in the UK to advertise the paddle is largely a business Instilling not only the gameplay, but the entire social circle that surrounds the sport from the amateur level to the professional in the ring Interchangeable World Tour.

Very few new players come to you and that means the level is not the lowest, even tennis re-transform courses are available for the racket.

“People out there hardly consume the ring, but little by little we are encouraging them to do so. It is still seen as a sport that many tennis players are encouraged to play or even Holiday sport is practiced in the summer in Spain. But that is changing and they realize they can play it all year round and enjoy it‘ says the technician.

Expansion and the character of Murray

The The expansion of the racket game is almost uncontrollable across the planetAnd although the process of directly “eliminating” the tennis association may be slower, it is gradually laying its foundations in the UK.

There are currently about 100 tracks across the territory, but forecasts are that by the end of 2022 it will triple and reach 300. employment LondonIn the capital, it is planned to start five new tennis clubs despite all the difficulties it is facing. “It is very difficult to build there, especially in the capital, which is why most of the courts that are now are in tennis clubs where one court has been replaced by another,” explains Farrow.

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Finally, an important factor is the participation of professional tennis players and tennis professionals in the world of racket tennis. This is the case of Andy Murray, who started investing with companies to build tennis clubs and courts in Scotland. “There is more spread thanks to him,” he says, “but I am clear that in two years there will be no one to stop it, and it will be strengthened. It cannot be stopped.”

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