Pablo Zorro: “Macri has not fully practiced democracy” | The mayor of Bihuago criticized Judge Capocetti

mayor bhwago, Pablo ZorroAnd the This Wednesday he severely questioned a sector in the judiciary, which he called “judicial party“, considering that “They are playing Macri vs. Cristina.”

in conversation with noon 750by AM750described as “shameful” The work of Judge Maria Eugenia CapocettiThe person responsible for the attack on Christina Kirchner said:They find so many ties that they don’t want to pull the rope anymore“.

There is a fair portion of justice. Another is playing Macri. Macri’s recent statements are shameful. about the The main race is offensive to the world. Everything has to do with everything. “Nothing is accidental,” he added.

Then he asserted that although former President Mauricio Macri won democratically by election, after that he won it The administration was riddled with irregularities.

He noted that, as the founder Homeland InstituteHe had an open case “because he had spy cars on the organization’s door.” “Vidal (Maria Eugenia, former governor) and Retondo (Christian, former Minister of Regional Security) The police took me away.

Once he won, Macri never fully practiced democracy. No one fully exercises democracy through espionage and the appointment of judges by decree Or repeal the media law by decree. “It’s not that you win and you can do whatever you want,” he concluded.

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