Overwatch 2 shows us in video how its evolution is going and announces hero missions, maps, and more

Blizzard’s long-awaited arena champion returns to BlizzCon with new features.

next to Diablo IV, The most anticipated Blizzard For the near future Observation 2. Director Jeff Kaplan and his talented team of developers have not shown any signs of life for a long time, and they may be immersed in the production of the game; But they reappear on the occasion Blizzon To present prof Video Which indicates a healthy and steady development from what we saw in his official announcement in 2019.

Maps like Rome will be specially designed to host the advanced modeWe left the event with some others heresy Of interest, too. For example, we had the opportunity to see Two new maps For the most promising multiplayer title, Roma (focus on Advance debugger mode, Which we already saw in the OW2 commercial and New York. During matches, we can take advantage of a system Talents Long-time noise: This will allow us to customize the effects of a hero’s abilities – think Tracer doing damage when teleporting through opponents or shaking Reinhardt in 360 °.

at entorno PvE, Which would be significantly superior to what we saw during the limited events of Watch the original version, A split appears between Story missions and hero missions, Which you can imagine will be devoted to expanding the background of the charismatic heroes of the game. An addition that makes perfect sense if we take into account society’s insatiable appetite for history, which until now has been flowing through excerpts from texts, storyboards and stories.

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Transitioning from Overwatch to OW2

When Overwatch 2 was officially revealed, Blizzard made it clear that it was a flagship Complement concept, Which in the eyes of many corresponds better with “modernization” or “expansion”: in general, the original game will be updated with the graphics and technical developments of the second part, to which we have to add the fact that Both games will share the team, maps, modes, and games For the entire PvP scene. Simply put, OW2 will contain a series of Collaborative content It will only be available to those who pass through the box.

Whatever the case, the original game continues to update (slowly, but it does) with maps like recent Kanezaka, such as the Lunar New Year events. There is no release date for OW2 as of today, so keep an eye out for future events and potential comments from developers for new clues.

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