Over a hundred projects are presented at the Academy’s summer campus

More than a hundred projects, 102 projects, all associated by their authors or themes with minority groups, were received in the first edition of Summer Campus, a program organized by Film Academy In cooperation with Netflix Support the Valencia City Council.

At the end of the application period (April 25 to May 6), of the 102 received, 60 were submitted by men (58.82%), 41 by women (40.2%) and 1 (0.98%) by people who They are identified by another gender.

In addition, 21 projects correspond to people who are registered or have a place of business in Valencia, the city that will host this initiative from July 3-17.

This program is aimed at directors who, through mentoring with professionals in the field of script and directing and in collaboration with actors, actresses and filmmakers from other disciplines, will work to improve the inclusion of diversity and give more solidity to their feature films. Most of the applicants are Hispanic (96), the rest are from Brazil (2), Argentina, Mexico, Morocco and the United Kingdom with an average of 1 each.

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