Outsourcing reform will force the United States and Canada to comply with regulations

Faced with a protracted debate about outsourcing in San Lázaro, the regulation of this form of contracting will force it American and Canadian companies pay more attention when hiring Mexican professionals To comply with regulations.

“If companies were organized and had all the documents, it would make a difference in the competition, I think It might be an advantage for Mexico because we know that calendar To regulate the United States Eric Rosati, Director of SAP Fieldglass explained in an interview with Forbes Mexico.

In the case of the agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), the director indicated that This agreement will encourage the concerned countries to abide by the regulationsS, pay taxes, SAT requirements etc.

“What will happen is that companies will be more organized and if they are organized and have all the requirements You’ll make a difference in the competition. I think it will be an advantage for MexicoRossati has been added.

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In the same way, this type of contracting will be able to create a solution in the cloud to manage the changes in 2.9 million workers were employed through the outsourcing schemeAccording to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS).

We can manage outsourcing and third-party services from a cloud solution as it is easier for large companies; I can manage and manage dashboards to track how a Performance and projects from services, from paying to hiring talent and also paying the person, ”the manager added.

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A study by SAP indicates this The external workforce accounts for 42% of total labor force spending globally; 55% of executives surveyed confirmed that day-to-day activities of a business are affected without a specialized outside national force.

“From the way the government is discussing the law, it seems to me that there is everything Business registration And there We have a gray area because what this outcome could be for one company cannot be for another company; “A lot will depend on how the companies’ social goals are achieved,” he added.

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