Osteoporosis: Six activities that help prevent it in young adults

the Osteoporosis It is a characteristic disease loss of bone mass. And not only that, but the structure of the bone changes, and this leads to an increase in fragility, which is what Increases the risk of fractureshe explains to LA NACIÓN Diego IglesiasCardiologist at Sports medicine From the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires.

It is one of the main elements Causes of disability in elderly women Because by weakening the bones, it can be the cause of fractures, especially in the hip and spine. the Physical activity It is one of the main tools for predicting disease. Although it is not a disease of youth, Everything that is done from an early age will help maintain bone health Once they are over fifty years old. Of course, it’s never too late to start and always Physical activity is an essential factor in his fight. But you don’t have to wait for some symptoms to show up to resort to it.

The benefit of exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis(Source: Pexels)

Before starting to exercise, it is necessary Medical consultation Where, for sure, specific studies will be indicated, such as bone density measurement and fitness assessment. “In the meantime, I recommend thinking about what types of activities are most enjoyable. If you choose to do what you like, you are more likely to keep doing it over time. And even if one doesn’t like it, if they understand each other Benefits derived from performance Physical activityIt will be done with more importance, ”emphasizes prof Martin ColacelliDirector of the 2 Dragon Academy.

Based on the premise that all types of physical activity are beneficial, which type should be preferred in these cases? Because in general Postmenopausal womenFrom the age of fifty Ideally, physical activity should be mixedwith a component aerobicBut there must also be resistance forceExercises with one’s own weight, bars, dumbbells, or other equipment so that the tensile axis of the bone is forcibly stimulated. until the Pilates schedule or classes Functional training They are useful. Anything that increases the torsion and traction of the bone axis is good for osteoporosisAdds Dr. Iglesias.

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The progressive and personal plan should be designed by a professional trainer to avoid any risk of fracture. every plan It will depend on the degree of osteoporosis everybody has. In more advanced cases, performing some exercises will be discouraged.

It is important to continue exercising despite suffering from osteoporosis, it does not prevent us from moving and training our body
It is important to continue exercising despite suffering from osteoporosis, it does not prevent us from moving and training our body(Source: Pexels)

Among the various options, the most suitable for people with osteoporosis These include muscle-strengthening exercises, aerobic activities, flexibility exercises, stability and balance exercises. If someone has osteoporosis, “they may think that physical activity will cause a fracture. Quite the contrary.” Strengthening muscles helps protect bones, improve balance, and prevent falls. It’s good for joint mobility, says Colacelli, and by stretching the muscles, it improves posture.

the Muscle strengthening It is key for all people, but even more so in cases of osteoporosis. This “starts with body weight, then moves on to resistance bands to conclude with machines and free weights. The goal is to strengthen all major muscle groups, especially the muscles of the spine, because they are important for posture. training Endurance It can also help maintaining bone density”warns the teacher, who also emphasizes the importance of paying special attention to posture and the correct implementation of techniques.

Regarding the weekly frequency of the routine, “There is a minimum of Physical activity In terms of the number of hours per week, which is five, low to moderate intensity, or three hours of high-intensity physical activity. It is desirable that the physical activity has a double component, aerobic and strength-resisting, ”warns the doctor.

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to avoid? Of course, before choosing any particular activity, this must be taken into account High impact exercises are discouragedColacelli says: No jumping, running or jogging. And exclude those exercises that involve sudden and rapid movements.

The importance of physical movement in youth will allow us to reach adulthood stronger
The importance of physical movement in youth will allow us to reach adulthood stronger (Source: Pexels)

“You’d better choose Slow motion exercises and censorship. If you remain strong and in good physical shape, despite suffering from osteoporosis, you may be able to perform exercises with a higher impact than a weak person, ”the trainer explains. Also discourage All you need Bending, bending, or twisting at the waist. For example, avoid exercises that require touching toes or deep squats, which “may increase your risk of spinal compression fractures if you have osteoporosis,” he adds. certain activities such as Yoga, golf or tennis require this kind of movement. Before abandoning it, it is advised to consult a doctor about the possibility of practicing it.

1- Isometric squat: Sit on a chair and separate the tail from the seat, and stay in this position for ten seconds. Finally, sit down gently. Another alternative is to have your back straight and aligned with the wall, keeping your knees bent for ten seconds. Gradually, the seconds increase.

2- Bottle arm strengthening exercises: How do Journalism Shoulders and one-arm rowing. The exercises are done with pint bottles to gradually increase the weight each week. He presses Shoulder raise “It is done by sitting with your back straight and consists of extending your arms and holding the bottles, holding your hands, up. When starting, the elbows point forward in the starting position. After a few weeks this can be done with the elbows open, pointing out to the sides in the starting position” , showing the details of the trainer. One-arm rows are performed with a bent torso, with a straight back and one hand propped up on a chair or bench. The other hand holds the bottle, and when the arm is flexed, the elbow points to the ceiling while the bottle reaches the armpit.

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3- Aerobic activities that involve weight bearing: they are executed while standing, with all body weight supported by bones. Walking, dancing, low-impact aerobics, elliptical training with machines, and stair climbing can all be helpful. In all cases, the action falls on the bones of the legs, hips and lower spine, providing cardiovascular benefits. “Swimming and cycling have many benefits, but they don’t provide the weight the bones need.. However, if someone enjoys these activities, they can do them, as long as they make sure to add weight-bearing activities,” says Colacelli. A physical trainer emphasizes the idea that aerobic activities do not dominate the entire exercise program.

4- Spinal mobility exercises: Simple and classic Happy cat / angry cat It is a must in the routine dealing with osteoporosis. In a four-legged position, with smooth movements, the spine flexes and extends, breathing always accompanies.

5- Flexibility exercisesThese are the stretching exercises that follow the warm-up or at the end of the session. Sitting on a rug, with his legs outstretched, he takes a stick and carries it back and forth. Repeat with a smooth rotation. The movements are always slow.

6- Stability and balance exercises: consists simply of standing on one leg or walking barefoot on a mat. As the skill progresses, it can be performed on slightly unstable surfaces or with one eye closed. These exercises are essential for the muscles to work together to keep the body stable and prevent falls, which is risky in the case of osteoporosis.

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