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As mentioned earlier, the popular platform Anime list He was the victim of a hack by a fan of the franchise Serial test line. Before that, we reported it Oshi no koa series that is currently broadcasting on the air, it lost the first place in the overall ranking of the platform, but so far it has continued to decline until it has reached the ninth position.

As of writing this article, Oshi no Ko has a rating of 9.04 points, based on over 144 thousand reviews. Of all these, 4,808 are only one-point, while over 83,000 are ten-point. Either way is meaningless, considering that a string of short duration cannot be evaluated without waiting for it to finish.

In short, it is clear that the series being broadcast will change its ratings as it evolves with new episodes. Will Oshi no Ko continue to lose points as the 2023 Spring Season (April-June) progresses? Or will she have an amazing comeback at the end of her broadcast? It’ll be something we won’t know until in a few weeks, though it’s clear that media momentum for the franchise is still high.

And what did Japanese fans say when they found out that the series dropped nearly ten places? Well, let’s review:

  • «In the Japanese entertainment world, disappointment is the norm.».
  • «Revenge came».
  • «As always, these are the people who hate a thing in order to be famous.».
  • «Well, YOASOBI’s opening song is still very popular. But, is it for being a YOASOBI or for being Oshi no Ko?».
  • «Definitely a good anime adaptation, with a proper media presence and a fan community that can even tell you outright that the story gets boring at some point. Everything a chainsaw man can’t do».
  • «Well, as Akua Hoshino approaches her mental age, the question of reincarnation loses all meaning.».
  • «I’m just amazed».
  • «I think the decision for the first 90-minute episode was amazing, unlike a certain series whose best production decision was to put 12 different endings and forget about doing the rest well.».
  • «I really do not understand the taste of foreigners».
  • «What follows after the full first episode is another thing entirely.».
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