Oscars 2021: Winners and Awards Ceremony Summary of ‘Nomadland’ Victory

How and where to see OSCARS

Only a few hours left to try a new edition of the Oscars. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the party delay, finally The event will take place on Sunday 25 April (Early in the morning from Sunday 25 to Monday 26 April in Spain), between strict protocols and security measures.

It should be remembered that the 93rd edition of the world’s most important film awards was scheduled for February 28. however, The health crisis delayed its outbreak until the end of this week.

Where will the Oscars 2021 be held?

The concert is scheduled to take place in the open air, at A. Union Station Railroad Center Square in Los AngelesAlong with some additional elements of the display to perform as normal Dolby Theater in California.

In a statement, the producers confirmed this They want a ‘movie-like’ party. In addition, the event will have alternative venues in London and Paris for those who cannot travel to the United States.

Among the security measures, there will be PCR testing and quarantine for those coming from outside Los Angeles. It was left between questions of whether the candidates and guests at the ceremony should wear a mask at all times. Steven SoderbergThe director of “Contagion” (2011) will be nobody Event Producers with Stacy Sher and Jesse Collins.

For this event, it was lost Use of the Zoom platform excluded From video calls. This tool was used in the Emmy Awards, Golden Globes and Goya Awards in Spain. Another (aesthetic this time) prohibitions are to wear casual clothes on the red carpet.

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Oscars 2021: What time do the Oscars begin and when do they end?

The 93rd edition of The Oscars will start at 5:00 PM. Los Angeles time, although the event will start earlier, with The usual red carpet this year will feature security measures Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ceremony It usually lasts about three hoursSo it will end around 8:00 PM Los Angeles time.

Oscars distribution schedule in Spain and the rest of Europe

Spain – 02:00 hours (01:00 hours in Canary Islands)

France – 02:00

Germany – 02:00

Italy – 02:00

UK – 1:00

Schedule of the Oscars 2021 awards ceremony in other countries

Argentina 9:00 pm

Bolivia – It is 20:00

Brazil (Brasilia) 9:00 pm

Chile – It is 20:00

Colombia 7:00 pm

Costa Rica 6:00 p.m.

Cuba – It is 20:00

Ecuador 7:00 pm

United State (Washington DCY Miami) – 20:00 Horus

United State (Los Angeles) 5:00 pm

Mexico (Mexico City) 7:00 pm

Panama 7:00 pm

Paraguay – It is 20:00

Peru 7:00 pm

Puerto Rico – It is 20:00

Uruguay 9:00 pm

Venezuela – It is 20:00

TV: On which channel can you watch the Oscars 2021?

On which TV are the Oscars broadcast in Spain?

In Spain, as usual, the Oscars can be seen Presentation of Movistar Premieres and Movistar +. Additionally, the platform has been temporarily implemented Movistar Oscars, A channel that will be available from April 1 to 30, where you can watch the winning films for other years at the Grand Festival of International Cinema.

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Oscar schedule 2020 in other countries

Argentina – TNT y TNT series

Bolivia – TNT y TNT series

Brazil (Brasilia) – TNT y TNT Series

Chile – TNT y TNT series

Colombia – TNT y TNT series

Costa Rica – TNT y TNT series

Cuba – TNT y TNT series

Ecuador – TNT y TNT series

United State – ABC, Hulu, AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV y ABC app

Mexico (Mexico City) 7:00 pm

Panama – TNT y TNT series

Paraguay – TNT y TNT series

Peru – TNT y TNT series

Puerto Rico – TNT y TNT series

Uruguay – TNT y TNT series

Venezuela – TNT y TNT series

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