“Only a competent doctor is able to rehabilitate”

Javier Garcia Allegria, Vice President of Facme.

After years of solo work and several months of joint work, he became 46 scientific societies that make up the Federation of Spanish Medical Scientific Societies (Facme) has combined its various models of Medical rehabilitation in one project which they submitted to the Directorate General of Professional Regulation during a working day in which the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom) also participated. The meeting was revealed by J . newspaperAveir Garcia Allegria The Vice President of Facme, has worked to process the final details to be included in the form and obtain the health commitment to take into account its proposal in designing the renewal of medical accreditation in which the Ministry operates. As Garcia Allegria asserts, Without scientific societies it would be ‘impossible’ I carry it.

How would you rate the working day between Cgcom, Health and Facme?

It was very enjoyable and we are very satisfied. It is a milestone for various reasons. An essential aspect of yesterday’s meeting was the compromise reached to move forward and take into account the proposal that had been made, as there were three phases of re-certification. Aspects of the periodic assessment of the profession have been agreed upon with Cgcom. Before we say whether we are good doctors, we must know if we are qualified to practice.

For health, we have to thank the commitment of the new Director General of Career Planning, Celia Gomez. We are facing a unique opportunity to move forward with this project which has been postponed due to various reasons. It is about raising the level of self-demand even more and it is a reflection of doctors’ commitment to society and patients.

Is the re-accreditation form complete, or will there be modifications?

It is almost a final version. Several meetings were called with representatives of 46 associations and then a specific group was worked out for operational work. It can still be modified, but I don’t think there will be many substantial changes. All societies agreed to create a single model. It’s something that makes sense, and on top of that, I think everyone will feel comfortable with it. We have decided Efficiency Structure: 60 percent of healthcare activities and 40 percent of teaching, research and training

“The goal is to rehabilitate professionals who are dedicated to care because there are others who are dedicated to teaching or purely research.”

What aspects are measured in health care activities?

The day was not only for the presentation, but also for the questions and comments. It was very interesting because the initiatives contributed will help us master the final details. The goal is to certify a professional who performs reasonable clinical activity on a daily basis, i.e. the goal is to rehabilitate professionals who are dedicated to care because there are others who are devoted to purely teaching or research.

How can health care activities be measured?

There are several ways. Hospitals and health centers have many records of what we do. Any professional can show the number of visits, interventions, emergencies … There is a lot of information available in both public and private centers that allows the approval of the activity carried out.

Is the goal to achieve this part in a simple way by practicing medicine on a daily basis?

There are some very simple ways. I can order the number of people I attended in the external consultation, in the hospital, in the inter-consultation … This is achieved automatically. It’s not a punitive thing, but it does admit to training. If someone in a political or official position spends years away from the clinic, they will be able to re-orientate that position and prove they are eligible again.

“There is a lot of information available in both public and private centers that allows the approval of the activity being carried out”

Is training that does not come from scientific societies acceptable?

it will be joint training Which can come from scientific societies, universities or the World Trade Organization. We have knowledge of specific topics of specialization, but other topics are cross-sectional such as ethics or health legislation.

Health suggested rehabilitation every 10 years and every 6 years. why?

The model has been reviewed in different countries and There has always been talk of between 5 and 10 years. Maybe less than 5 is a huge job for doctors and 10 years seems too long for how scientific progress has progressed, in addition, it would be necessary to go back far to prove the ability of care. This must be agreed because the last word is with the Ministry.

What role should scientific societies play in rehabilitation assessment?

We are clear that in order to assess the professional competence of a specialist doctor, the only person who can do this is another specialist doctor. This specific knowledge is the only way it is done in all countries. It is suggested that each scientific association organize a technical evaluation committee.

“Less than 5 is a huge amount of work for clinicians, and 10 years seems too long for how scientific progress is going.”

What does Celia Gomez think of the proposal?

I promised to benefit from the work done. We have already submitted the document 24 hours in advance, and yesterday the three parties pledged to move forward with the project. Health will take into account Facme’s suggestion.

The World Trade Organization also submitted its proposalWould they be willing to design a joint model?

It is absolutely certain what is the responsibility of each individual, and they are responsible for periodic evaluation. They also offered to cooperate on other aspects of infrastructure and other issues because how the regulations are still to be determined. The basic outline for evaluating benefits and deadlines is well agreed.

Would it surprise you if Health designed a model that didn’t take Facme’s suggestion into account?

Will be This cannot be done without the cooperation of scientific societies. We are facing a unique opportunity by merging 46 companies into a joint model. There was a milestone in Spain with the incorporation of MIR that changed Spanish healthcare and now this is another step that could be historic. We are in the best conditions to apply the re-accreditation form.

Has health set a date for this achievement?

They didn’t give it to us and they can’t. The General Manager had just arrived and was very nice and willing to listen and take us into consideration.

“For it to function well, the project must be recognized from the managerial point of view and if it can also be much better from the curricular point of view”

Rehabilitation is a well-established problem for years and even There are companies that have issued their own re-certification Because they are tired of waiting for health. Do you hope it will be implemented this year?

It should be approved as soon as possible, but for the project to function well, it must be recognized from a management point of view and if it can also be much better from a curricular point of view. I’m referring to providing places, career benefits, transfers…if so, that would be a driving force behind rehabilitation. In the end, this is an add-on and if this is reflected in the Independent National Recognition Regulation, it will be perfect.

Are there opportunities to achieve this recognition?

It was lifted yesterday, but professional life depends more on independent communities than it does on health. However, the general manager promised to analyze it.

Will they meet again with Sindad?

We do not agree on a date explicitly, but tacitly. We convey our intention to meet as soon as possible to finish the project.

Medical rehabilitation will also apply to private health: “This is all Spanish health, no matter where you work”

What do you think of integrating outside companies into the rehabilitation process?

This has more to do with work than Global Models Review and with areas of training Rehabilitation model design. We have suggested to Health that representatives of scientific societies take part in this technical group, because they are the best. We haven’t cooperated with them yet, but we hope so.

Will this model also apply to private healthcare?

Yes, that was clarified at the meeting. This is all Spanish health, no matter where you work. Just because it is easier to get evidence in public hospitals because of the information infrastructure they have.

Has compatibility with international models been sought to facilitate movement to other countries?

This is that mobility is a basic requirement and that is why the European Directive was born. If a healthcare professional has been working for more than ten years and wants to go to another country, they will likely be required to re-accredit.

Once the form is submitted, what is the next step for Facme to take?

In the next few days we will approve the proposal with the approval of all scientific societies and send the final form to Health. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be done with it, because it’s already very advanced. From there we are at the expense of health. We must remember that we have debts to our country because we do not comply with the European directive and that at other times means sanctions against Spain. We’re late, and I’m not saying this, but Europe says so.

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