Only 5% of children and teens eat a healthy diet

At this point, it’s no longer a surprising fact, but it is worries. And a lot: new study Implemented by nutrition experts from the Social Debt Observatory of the University of Central Asia and the Study Center sepiaDedicated to this topic, I found that a Minimum percentage of Argentine boys and adolescents meeting the recommended daily intake of healthy food: “Barely 5% of the palace Eat the type and amount of healthy daily foods recommended by the Dietary Guidelines” Profile personly Dr. Sergio Britos, Director of Cepea and member of the group responsible for this report. “On the other hand, 38% of boys infrequently consume preventive and healthy foods. The rest – 57% – periodically combine a good and bad diet, but with some shortcomings in the major food groups.

Among other startling data, the study highlights another finding: There is a low amount of legumes, a group of foods that are – according to experts – “relatively” cheap and provide a very good nutritional profile. However, it is usually an underused option. It is, according to experts, one of the food groups that needs to be particularly strengthened through specific educational policies.

Another fact highlighted by the work is that 27% of boys frequently consume sugary drinks and soft drinks. And one in six children overeat dairy products. cake shop. Both categories are important because they are “trackers” of the excess sugar that make up children’s diet. On the other hand, this figure is exacerbated by remembering that – in both cases – the trend shows an increase in this consumption as the socio-economic level of households improves. At the same time the quality of the food too getting worse With a lower socio-economic level of families.

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The Report I found a look positiveThe consumption of dairy products showed an acceptable pattern, especially in the analysis of the quality of what was eaten for breakfast: 90% of the boys ate Dairy products Somehow (alone, in injections or yogurt). One third of the milk supply comes from milk in injection. Almost all breakfasts (98%) that combine dairy and some other food group include bread or cereal as the main companion.

Britos concluded by explaining this method, “This report points to important data to be able to think better. Policies Specific educational measures for improve food quality. The reduced quality of the average diet of Argentine children and adolescents is caused not so much by the excessive consumption of “negative” foods, on an occasional basis, but rather based on a few portions of healthy ingredients that include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy, among others. other”.

The problem of “the poor degree of diet our children eat has a bigger imprint on drop It was concluded that consumption of healthy ingredients is more than high consumption of foods with poor nutritional quality.

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