ONLY 380 WORDS IN 3 HOURS OF FILM: Keanu Reeves Isn’t in ‘John Wick 4’ To Talk, But To Distribute Host **s Like Bread – CINEMABLEND

According to the film’s director, Chad Stahelski, he personally took it upon himself to cut “half of his character’s written dialogue in the initial script”.

John Wick 4 It just hit cinemas and it only took one weekend to snack on the rest of the blockbuster action saga. We’ll have to see how it “performs” at the box office in the coming weeks, but for now, The numbers indicate complete success.

the The fourth film in the franchise Starring Keanu Reeves managed to collect $73.5 million in its first weekend in the US, surpassing the previous record: beating the third installment of the saga, Parabellum, which grossed $56.8 million in its debut. In this way, the upward trend that has emerged since the film premiered in 2014 is maintained, with 30.4 million collected in the first weekend of the movie. John Wick 2 and 14.4 million from the first. In reality, John Wick 4 He debuted in action with the overall collection of the first John Wick.

Likewise, at the local level, John Wick 4 It became the highest-grossing film this weekend in Spain With over 168,000 viewers, making it the best premiere in the history of Diamond Films Spain.

In addition to the highest profit – at the moment -, John Wick 4 It is also The longest film in the saga, it ran at 169 minutes (2 hours 49 minutes).), but nobody complains about that. Oddly enough, despite being the tallest, she is also He is the one where John Wick, the main character played by Keanu Reeves, speaks less.

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According to an article from The Wall Street Journal Keanu Reeves says only 380 wordssa throughout the entire film directed by chad stahelski and Almost a third of them have the same word: “Yes.” In short, he doesn’t talk much, but he does give us great action scenes.

Likewise, the post also provides other intriguing facts, such as that 10% of all dialogue appears in the trailer and that in those two and a half minutes he speaks more than in the first twenty-five minutes of the movie. Moreover, according to Wall Street JournalIn the first movie’s 100 minutes, Reeves has far more dialogue: 484 words.

The reason John Wick speaks so little in the fourth part of the action series is none other than the wishes of Keanu Reeves himself, who according to Stahelsky took it upon himself to remove “half of the dialogue written for his character in the initial” script.

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