One of the biggest flops in science fiction history was the basis for a funny gag from The Simpsons: Years later, a fan made it a reality

One of the most notorious commercial disasters, it has turned into a cult gem over the years and with a little yellow help.

References to popular culture were part of the success The SimpsonsThey are often wrapped to make them more slender as well as to fit more organically into the chain. He did not escape from it, nor did he refer to it One of the biggest commercial failures in science fiction history how is he water worldwhich, as if it were not enough to fail to reach the great expectations placed on it, ended up being the subject of a silencing.

In the tenth episode of the eighth season, titled Springfield RecordsWe also see many references to science fiction, especially the series X-Filesbut it was Kevin Costner’s Water Adventure that left One of the best thanks. At a local arcade, we see Milhouse insert forty coins into an arcade with a game inspired by Waterworld, only to end up losing the game after making a few moves, feeling cheated even though he inserts the coins again.

An opportunity to reflect on the deep disappointment many felt with the film and all that went into it. Real games appeared for water world, but were met with poor reception (especially the Virtual Boy version). Of course, there’s nothing real about arcade machines, but that wasn’t an obstacle for some of the fans who had them I decided once again to separate the line of reality from fiction with the series.

The game has come true

A fan of old games and a fan of The Simpsons who signs under the user Almajlliss Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha The internet was surprised a few months ago Publish their version of the game for free water world It was also going to be played in the arcade machine series. Hopefully with better performance as well as “detailed mechanics, multiple stages, boss fights, and a bunch of secrets that boost replayability.”

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This game is designed to be played on PC and can be downloaded for free for fans to satisfy their endless curiosity (both for the series and for the movie). Beautiful curiosity It solves the problem of the lack of video games for consoles and PC that have appeared The Simpsons, although there are all possibilities for this. While some are still waiting to find out where these sequel rumors are hit and run Released in 2003, this is a good alternative.

you can see The Simpsons in Disney +.

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