One in two million: catch a strange blue lobster and return it to the sea for an unexpected reason

An American fisherman was arrested while sailing in the Portland area bright blue lobster; A very rare type of specimen. In fact, what happened has been somewhat unusual, ever since I found one in two million of those types. Precisely because of its unusual finding, He believed that he should return her to the ocean so that she could live.

“This blue lobster was caught off the coast of Portland and returned to the water to continue growing. Blue lobsters are one in every 2 million‘, wrote the tech entrepreneur Lars Johan Larsson on his Twitter account. The post, in which the sapphire-colored specimen appeared, went viral within a few hours. quickly, Got more than 500,000 likesIt has been shared nearly 50,000 times and has garnered thousands of other comments.

Swedish businessman Lars Johan Larsson posted a photo of this crustacean on Twitter and it went viral. Credit: Twitter CaptureLarsJohanL

While lobster shells are generally red or brown in color, The blue crust of crustaceans is the result of a genetic mutation. It causes lobsters to produce a certain protein more than other lobsters, which gives their shell a rare blue colour.” Explained in an article published in the media toronto sun.

As mentioned BBCBlue lobsters are extremely rare“But given the amount of lobsters that are caught for consumption, It is inevitable that some are blueIn the same vein, Crustaceans caught in the North Atlantic tend to be greenish brown It turns pinkish red when boiled, which is the image the consumer usually sees.

Blue crabs are so rare, in fact, that they appear among its specimens every two million. However, years ago, a young English hunter found one of them.

The American lobster is usually a greenish-brown speciesAny bright blue would look very strange to hunters out there, said Charlie Ellis, a researcher at the UK’s National Lobster Hatchery.

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Along the same lines, he added:European lobsters tend to be pale blue in color. The true type of iridescent blue is still rare here, but the difference is that, to a European hunter, it will look less out of the ordinary than it would in North America.”

Behind the Buraq Yellow lobsters are much rarerOrange and crystal color. In fact, according to Lobster InstituteYellow lobsters represent approximately one in 30 million of the total population. While it is believed that The chance of developing albino or crystalline disease is 1 in 100 million. However, in 2011, two fishermen in Dorset caught one of them.

Blue lobsters are also making news for some restaurants That – like the American fisherman – after capturing him, they brought him back to the sea. An example of this was Austin Hubleychef the rabbit In Rochdale, England, who saved someone because of He said he had a “crisis of conscience” and that’s why he saved his life.

Similarly, the chef admitted that he had never seen anything like this before: “He knew the morally right thing to do was to find a home for her where everyone could appreciate her.. I figured it was really weird so I thought I can’t kill this, I don’t want to“.”

The English chef said he has removed blue lobsters from his restaurant menu.
The English chef said he has removed blue lobsters from his restaurant menu.

In turn, he said in detail: “We couldn’t see it and put it on the list. We spent hours calling places. I was worried about how long I might be out of the water, so I called a small group of water supply stores and they were all very helpful.”

Chef Austin Hubley with the sample he couldn't cook (Photo: Austin Hubley)
Chef Austin Hubley with the sample he couldn’t cook (Photo: Austin Hubley)

after contact Merlin EntertainmentsOwner Marine lifeThey told her that they would accept her with great joy. “I felt responsible, something so rare that it doesn’t deserve a place on the list. All species deserve a fair chance to survive‘, he finished.

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