One fan recreated it on video which is amazing

Artist Daniel Siemieniaco has created an amazing scene that we’d love to see turn into a real game.

In these past years, Capcom bring us wonderful Remakes of Resident Evil 2 And third batch From the famous survival horror franchise. Although it has Speculate a lot with Resident Evil 4 remakeFans are still waiting for Capcom to bring them in Expected renewal From the fourth installment that Even its creator, Shinji Mikami, said.

But in the meantime, an artist surprised us Developed cinematics in Unreal Engine 4 What is shown to us? What will the new version look like? From a Capcom title from a first-person perspective. its creator Daniel Seminyakand published his project in ArtStationecho DSOG. Siemieniaco admitted to working on this project for a long time, and defined it as “a way of representing all the love he feels for the Resident Evil franchise.”

RE4 is one of my all-time favorites, and I wanted to capture one of the most terrifying moments in the game: First meeting with the renovator”, explained the artist. There is no doubt that Siemieniaco has managed to capture the entire atmosphere of the game, thanks to the detailed environments and really successful lighting.

Although the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 respected the third-person point of view (although the perspective changed), First person version From Siemieniaco This visit to the Regenerator Laboratory fits like a glove. If you are a fan of the veteran horror franchise, remember that in 3DJuegos you have it available Our analysis of its latest release, Resident Evil 8: VillageAnd An heir to the Resident Evil 4 formula.

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