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Devil May Cry first started as a prototype for Resident Evil 4, but its fight spawned another Capcom saga.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this epic Devil May Cryyour creator Hideki KamiyaIn this article, we shared some interesting details about the development of the franchise. Although it did reveal information we already knew – like that the first DMC was a prototype for Resident Evil 4– As mentioned by Kamiya the origin of the frenzied combat system that characterizes the franchise.

I want to hit the enemies and let them fly!Hideki KamiyaWhile Capcom He was working on the first Devil May Cry, and another team in the company was developing AnimushaAn action-adventure title with stealth elements. Kamiya noticed a an insect In Onimusha, who sent enemies flying when they fought with the protagonist. Immediately Kamiya visited the DMC programmer, Kazunori InoueAnd he said to him, “I want to strike the enemies and let them fly away!” And so the epic battle began to take shape.

Coincidentally, Inoue was already working on a system Auto aimFocuses on long-range weapons. The programmer mixed his current work with the insect Onimusha, to shoot and shoot enemies while floating in the air.

Kamiya also shared, that the creator of the Resident Evil saga, Shinji Mikami, is the one who convinced him to drop the Resident Evil 4 prototype, and better focus on the work he’s done up until that day, to create Private video game. Mikami Kamiya told this, since the said prototype was very different from Resident Evil, and no longer looked like a title from this horror franchise.

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Devil May Cry 5 It is the latest title in the Capcom franchise, which It gave very good results in the company’s sales.

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