omicron variant cases double every two days and ‘confinement in January not ruled out’

Cases of the omicron variant of coronavirus double every two to three days in the UK. And London and Scotland are presented as the foci of the spread, which was revealed yesterday notable British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson. teacher iImperial College London He also added a fact that no one in the UK wants to hear. Ferguson said so Closing in January cannot be ruled out If hospitalizations skyrocket during Christmas and New Year.

This scientific advice comes as the British government is considering new measures to prevent the spread of the omicron variant of covid. Some of these guidelines may be requiring vaccination passports or forcing some sectors to return to remote work.

Professor Ferguson said to a program Today from BBC 4.

The spread of the virus is accelerating very quickly. To put it in context, it’s the same thing we could see with the original strain of the coronavirus in March of last year.

Ómicron will soon become the dominant strain of coronavirus in the UK

Ferguson said Omicron is likely to outperform the UK’s dominant delta variant before Christmas if it continues to expand at the current rate. So far more than 437 cases in the UK, and more than 100 have been discovered in London.

Prof Ferguson said the variant had been detected in almost every region of the UK, but the largest number of cases had been in London. It stands to reason that the British capital would be the city with the highest infection rate as it receives a large number of visitors from abroad, according to Ferguson.

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There is an epidemiological reason to try to slow the spread of the omicron variant. There should be a plan B such as returning to remote work. So this action, even if it doesn’t stop it, at least helps prevent the infection from doubling every two or three days,” Ferguson added.

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