Olga Lucia Vives tells the short films you can’t miss if you like Encanto

If they were from Colombia to the United States and Europe, through the rest of Latin America, they were startled Charm That’s due, in large part, to the good representation of the communities that appear in the new Disney movie.

This is also what I enjoy the most Olga Lucia Viveswho in addition to giving a voice to Maribel, now also tells a series of short documentaries for National Geographic.

“For me it was such a great honor. I feel so proud to be Colombian, there is so much pride for all Colombians, for the little kids who have been represented in the Disney doll,” the singer says in an interview.

After a brief period weak personality The film’s protagonist is inspired by Colombian traditions, now explaining where the cultural, social, and artistic references that compose it were taken from.

In less than five minutes, short films from El Encanto de Nuestra Raíces depict the handicrafts of communities like Wayúu.

In the magic of our roots talk about communities like wowand Zenú and handicrafts such as gouache and black pottery from La Chamba.

“All this content that one can see in Encanto is further explained so that people understand what is behind it. People can feel and experience what the culture is through the film, but they may not know that the Mirabell backpack comes from the original Wayuu, and they are from La Guajira” .

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The four short films from The Enchantment of Our Roots are already on ‘s Youtube channel National Geographicwith the same people who helped create Encanto.

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“These were the trips we took with the help of Walt Disney Animation Studios. We thought it was a very good opportunity to portray these four communities of artisans who inspired the research work of Encanto producers and directors from a National Geographic perspective,” explained Santiago de Carrolles, a National Geographic spokesperson.

“(The communities) have welcomed us with open arms and are so grateful that we are once again showing their work through NatGeo. For them, as the inspiration for the Disney movie, nothing more, nothing less, they felt privileged to have National Geographic talking about them now.”

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