Officials and businessmen meet today in Washington with the International Monetary Fund

Last week, the same entity that brings together US companies based in the country issued a statement celebrating the agreement with the fund’s employees. Meanwhile, he called for “compliance with the new program” and “making the required changes to create the necessary conditions for macroeconomic stability, address structural challenges and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive growth.”

In any case, they assert in the government that there is strong support for the agreement on the part of the business world. Yesterday at a lunch with representatives of companies associated with the knowledge economy and biotechnology, Guzman accompanied his peers from Productive Development, Matias Colvas, Daniel Vilmus, and Science and Technology.

There was also endorsement of the final letter and above all the fact that, as contained in the bill, there would be no amendment in the field of science and technology. On the contrary, it was planned to expand the budget of that portfolio. The reading of the government and the private sector is that this sector can generate the dollars needed to sustain growth as well as to pay off debt.

“As production and science come together at a table to reflect on the next few years for the country, a large part of that future is at stake in Parliament, which is debating with some reluctance an agreement that will allow us not to fall off the map, Syngenta CEO Antonio Aracre told this medium, After lunch he participated in the Ministry of Economy.

In Congress, the position of businessmen was clearly labeled. The default was rejected unanimously. This was explained by representatives of the Argentine Industrial Federation, the Argentine Rural Association, the Stock Exchange, the Argentine Banks Association and the General Business Federation of the Argentine Republic, among others. The nuances were and will remain, if the agreement is finalized, in the economic plan to be implemented the day after the first disbursement.

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