Oddworld Soulstorm will be released for free on PlayStation Plus and already has a release date

It’s an odd but promising part of the sinister veteran game world.

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Oddworld: Soulstorm It’s one of those very specialized games, but you can’t miss a single event. Title Oddworld residents Introduced a new trailer as part of the State of Play event, which in addition to giving us an inside look at his world and his gameplay also includes several important details about him release.

It’s strange now that the game has reached its final release window. More specifically, it will make its debut on PlayStation 5 and PC (Exclusively through Epic Games, Although we don’t rule out seeing her also on Steam in the future) on April 6. Here’s the surprise: It will be available at launch for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

However, this will be a green promotion Limited: You can only enjoy it between April 6 and May 3. After that time, those who haven’t added it to their libraries will have to log out to play. In Soulstorm, our hero Abe will have to lead 300 mudokons on his way to freedom, although he will face countless bad adventures along the way.

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