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The campaign to export grapes 2021-2022 began in a favorable way, adding in October 2021 about 81 million 859 thousand dollars, an increase of 7.4% over the same month of 2020 when the amount rose to 76 million 245 thousand dollars. Exporters Association Administration (Adex).

The main markets were the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, which together accounted for 66% of the total. The other countries were South Korea, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Russia, out of a total of 32.

The countries with the highest growth – located in the top ten – were South Korea (3 million 672 thousand dollars) with a growth of 255%, Germany (2 million 663 thousand dollars) with 56% and Spain (3 million 228 thousand dollars) with 54%.

It must be remembered that in 2020, Peru is ranked as the second world exporter after China. According to a report by the Cien-Adex Global Center for Business and Economics Research, the Asian nation shipped that fruit that year for $1212 million 700 thousand, achieving a participation of 13.6% and an increase of 22.8%, while Peru did so for 991. 100 thousand dollars, an increase of 11.1 % (22.1% increase).


With regard to the backlog from January to October 2021, shipments amounted to 610 million and 386 thousand dollars, a growth of 23.7% compared to the same period in 2020 (493 million 621 thousand dollars).

Likewise, it ranked third in the agricultural export supply ranking, after blueberries and avocados. Ica led sales abroad, adding 412 million 519 thousand dollars. Piura, La Libertad, Arequipa, Ancash and Lambayeque, among others, followed.

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In the analyzed period, this Peruvian fruit reached 52 destinations, the United States topping the ranking with 241 million and 486 thousand dollars and an increase of 12.8% (39.6% participation). In second place was Hong Kong (85 million 224 thousand dollars) and in third place the Netherlands (84 million and 600 thousand dollars).

Mexico (24 million 668 thousand dollars), Spain (22 million 794,000 dollars) and China (22 million 337 thousand dollars) also emerged. The top ten were completed by the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada and Colombia. Only China, which ranks sixth, cut its demand by 2.5%.


The cultivar most exported is Red Globe, but companies diversify the crops by adding Sweet Globe, Sugraone, Crimson Seedless, Thompson Thompson, Sweet Celebration, Jack’s Salute, Flame Seedless, and Sweet Sapphire, among others.

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Publication date: 1/3/2022

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