Ocon responds if he will race in Canada after the “abuse he received” over his actions with Gasly

nOr it was the first time, but this was different. Esteban Ocon is known for being a driver who pushes the limits several times in his battles on the track. Although all Formula 1 drivers give their best in every event, when fighting with a teammate, there is an unwritten rule that you have to leave more space and the Frenchman did not do that with Perez, Alonso or Gasly.

Although he was always allowed some freedom and these actions never went too far for him within his teams. but, In the Alps, their patience ran out and their team leader, Bruno Famine, said there would be “consequences”. Because there were orders not to attack Pierre in Monaco and Esteban did not comply. And these were not the only statements, even his partner was very harsh on him, saying, “He has to change.”

The Alps were one of the topics of the Monte Carlo weekend and many journalists, former drivers such as Brundle and even team bosses such as Helmut Marko or Steiner (formerly Haas) made this clear. It should be parked with these aggressive stances on the track with the driver next to his garage. Social networks were also filled with critical comments Okon, who did not want to remain silent in the face of “harassment”, responded.

That was the point of his answer He denies some of the rumors that were circulating on the networks After the Alpine team manager's comments in which he said that the consequences he was referring to were That the driver would miss the race in Canada, but Ocon denied this“I'm looking forward to competing in Montreal, in front of the amazing Canadian fans, and the exciting opportunities the future holds for me,” the driver explained.

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The abuse you suffered

He commented: “A lot was said after the Monaco Grand Prix. While I received many messages of support, I am deeply saddened by the amount of abuse and negativity I felt and received about my character, my driving and my career.” Esteban about the insulting letters he received from big circus fans, former pilots and journalists…

He wanted to explain why his fights with his comrades, which in his case were very common, were too common. “I was fortunate to race alongside talented and experienced teammates, including race winners like Daniel Ricciardo, Chico, Pierre, and double champions like Fernando Alonso. As teammates, we often started races very close to each other. From the other, Which sometimes, the statement continued, “situations meant difficult battles on the track and sometimes communications.”

As teammates, we often started races close to each other, which in some cases meant tough battles on the track and sometimes connections.

Esteban Ocon, Alpine driver

“I see and feel this every weekend on the track and on social media… the good and the bad. But the misleading statements and gross distortions I have seen in recent days about my ability to work as a team have been inaccurate, harmful. And harmful,” he asserted forcefully against his critics.

He apologized to Gasly but… justified his action

“I have taken responsibility for the incident. I respect Pierre as a teammate and as a competitor. We have always worked collaboratively and professionally,” he began, once again taking responsibility for his work.

But the French nonetheless He believes this aggressiveness is part of Formula 1 and to some extent justified the incident for which he was penalized in Montreal: “There is no reward without risk in Formula 1, and the start of the race is intense, especially in Monaco, where the first lap can decide the final result. In the end, we are all competitors and it is the tough, fair races that make our sport so great,” he concluded.

There is no reward without risk in Formula 1, and the race starts off strong, especially in Monaco

Esteban Ocon, Alpine driver

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