Obesity is a determining factor for polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disease in women.

Diagram of polycystic ovaries. Photo: shutterstock.

It is noteworthy that 67% of the population Puerto Rico Suffers from obesitythe rate is higher than the rate United State. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the symptoms, how they are diagnosed and the treatments specific to each in order to prevent or reverse this. Illness.

This was pointed out by Dr. Alfonso HighlanderAnd the Hema Medical Director The San Pablo Fajardo Hospital Exclusive to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, I reported that the main symptoms were presented by woman are: irregularities in your menstruationAnd the excess hairObesity and acne. however, woman Those who are overweight tend to be Metabolic problems cause a Increase male hormones.

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“Patients with metabolic problems have insulin resistance in the cell receptors, which makes the cell not respond the way it should, and therefore there is an excess of insulin,” Serrano stated.

These male hormones (insulin, estrogen, androgen, etc.) become active due to obesity, so it is very important that woman be aware of their weight, take care of their diet, and physical activity, among others; It generates a balance that improves many diseases that afflict woman Puerto Rico

The expert identified that “one of the problems woman Is that their cycles are irregular or in some cases have few menstrual periods, and this means that these patients suffer from oligoovulation or oligomenorrhea, less than 9 cycles per year.”

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To reach the diagnosis, several diseases (thyroid gland, Ovarian tumors and tumors into the renal vein) who have the same symptoms. An intravaginal sonogram is done to check the number of cysts in the ovaries, as they should be Polycystic ovary syndrome Serrano emphasized that more than 20 cysts should be found, “and it should be noted that ovarian cysts are completely normal.”

This disease is 100% curable with the right treatments, and one of the treatments is to prescribe birth control pills for 6 months and for 6 months. obese case Appoint a dietitian, so that the metabolism improves and is reflected in the progression of the disease.

On her part, said Dr. Lloyd Gonzalez Rodriguezan endocrinologist, revealed in previous interviews with this medium that “every three women infected with ovary Also polycystic Syndrome metabolism. 28 patients were analyzed and it was specifically seen that prevalence of metabolic syndrome Of these patients 45.5%.”

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