Nursing home closed where they found a grandmother in poor health – La Brújula 24

This afternoon, various health and security agents approached a nursing home located in Martín Fierro 537, where they found a grandmother in very poor health.

Police sources entrusted in writing Compass 24 who arrived at the scene after a phone call to 107 in which they were alerted about the exact situation of a grandmother in her nineties.

As it turned out, as a result of oral treatment, the woman sustained a significant injury, with a possible infection.

Jose Luis Montanaro, of the municipal audit office, told the editorial board of this medium that they came at the request of the police “after the situation that arose in the place”.

“We attended and registered a record of not having a permit, but we are not authorized to intervene for medical reasons. The health district is the person who surveys what is happening in the place. Montanaro noted that we asked for closure because they did not provide a certificate of qualification, but the decision is still in the hands of the health district.”

Qualified sources from the health zone confirmed, this afternoon, that the place was “preventively closed”, and it became effective as soon as the grandparents were removed by their relatives.

Only if they meet a series of requirements can a nursing home qualify for all laws, the spokesperson explained.

It all started with a phone complaint, the municipality was and found that a woman needed medical attention for an oral injury. Since the grandmother has Bami, an alert was called, who sent an ambulance and the grandmother was referred to a health center where the condition was treated.”

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The informant pointed out that the place is not in a condition that allows it to work at present, because it lacks a responsible doctor and there is no nursing staff to take care of the housing.

When the venue owners arrived (they were traveling), they were notified of the protective closure, the documents they had to provide and the requirements they had to meet so they could start talking about potential qualification.

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