Now you can play one of the most exciting and promising sci-fi films of the year for free. Invincible demo version on PC – Invincible

“It’s time to take a look at your future mission on the fearsome deck of Regis III.” For now only on PC.

Science fiction and the world of video games are usually good travel companions, and they want to continue this year with an ambitious proposal like Starfield. But Bethesda’s long-awaited new IP is by no means the only space exploration adventure that, if all goes well, we’ll get to enjoy this year.

We also have The Invincible on the radar, a first-person shooter video game based on the novel of the same name by Stanislaw Lem, a Polish sci-fi author and futurist, who just released a demo on Steam. It will be completely free to download until May 11th.

It’s time to catch a glimpse of your future mission on the fearsome surface of Regis III. Put on your spacesuit and discover the magnificent landscapes along with the amazing scientific phenomena of Invincible. Are you ready to learn a lesson for humanity? You should have learned how to have a better future? Can you endure existential hardships with fellow robots and an astronaut guiding you?”

As the description of its exclusive beta for download on PC via Steam suggests, Invincible offers users to discover extraordinary scientific phenomena in A philosophical and cosmic adventure which takes place in frightening environments in an inhospitable world.

Offer available from The Invincible until May 11th.

At the moment there is no set release date. Moreover, you can delve into the video game by reading impressions with The Invincible from 3DJuegos saying: β€œIt is an experience very similar To what I’ve felt in games or game levels like Alien Isolation or Firewatch, that’s just it slower.”

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