Now the United States is asking its athletes to bring disposable mobile phones to Beijing 2022

We know your huge concern The United States on the Chinese government’s alleged espionage through technology, which is a subject, among other things, left Huawei is in a massive shutdown Which prevents you from using Google’s mobile services, for example.

Well, with a view to the next start of a file 2022 Beijing Olympics (The so-called Winter Olympics), the United States government requests its sports delegation Refrain from bringing personal devices such as smartphones and laptops into the competitionThis is because of the implied risks they pose to security.

Every device, connection, transaction and online activity can be monitored. In addition, their devices may be compromised with malware, which could negatively affect future use”, which is part of the recommendation that the authorities of that country are giving athletes.

But the idea is not for the athletes to remain incommunicado, let alone that, because the intent is that they can carry it Single-use devicesThose who returned from the competition once can be eliminated forever and so on Avoid any kind of subsequent problems.

And beware that they are not alone, because we told them a few days ago how The United Kingdom and the Netherlands gave the same warning to their delegations. Canada later joined these countries, which lit the same lights in this regard, and now finally, the United States.

From China, in the meantime, they made it clear once again that those who participate in the aforementioned sports fair starting on February 4th and up to the 20th of the same month, They have nothing to fear about it and have even promised to lift restrictions on internet access, which provides unlimited use of the network, including by the way Youtube, Facebook, Netflix and WhatsApp-All applications banned for the rest of the Chinese people.

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However, we must remember it in order to The 2008 Olympics, the Chinese government promised exactly the same, but journalists who covered the event reported that they couldn’t access all the websites, including BBC China and other Hong Kong media, so it remains to be seen whether this will finally be achieved in Beijing 2022.

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