Now the city says it will restore the medical school’s original tiles

After the criticism, he published the shows in which the station was seen College of Medicine line d With a “modern” aspect, the city government confirms that it should stop It will be restored to its original state..

Original medical school application. Now SBASE says that the tiles will be restored.

This was confirmed by the sources Buenos Aires subway (SBASE) in consultation with inelSubte: “The aim is to return the station to its original condition, which is It will require a longer period of improvement workthey explained.

A few days ago when he started working To repair the station – which will not require its temporary closure at the present time – I started removing bits of the plastic plaster coating that Metrovías had put on In the reform of the nineties, which revealed the station’s original ceramic tiles. This coating, in turn, was covered by a technical intervention installed in 2015, which will not be preserved.

Pieces set in the 1930s By Compañía Hispano Argentina de Obras Publicas y Finanzas (CHADOPyF), it has characteristics similar to those of other stations on Lines D and E.

In the case of the Faculty of Medicine These are blue and green tiles not found on any other station on the network. Until now it was mistakenly believed that the boards were identical to those at Agüero station – and are in fact dark blue – due to the scarcity of photographic documentation of the station prior to its ‘modernization’ in the 1990s.

They confirmed this from SBASE Surveys and reports are currently being conducted to determine the steps to be followed “according to the condition of the historical pieces.” They found” and that the contractor responsible for the works – in this case, construction firm SES – “works with a heritage specialist.”

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Amen to the missing tilewhich was already at the time of removing the plastic liner from the 90’s,”There are parts that can be restored, [pero] Others are not refundable and must be replaced, and we do colorimetric study for it In order to create the necessary matrices To be able to reproduce the boardsThey explained from Buenos Aires State Corporation.

Although the initiative did not have concrete manifestations at the moment, It must be remembered that one of the projects of the Centenera Heritage Laboratorywhich also operates under the SBASE orbit, It is the installation of a workshop for the reproduction and restoration of historical tilesfor which a ceramic kiln was purchased for the manufacture of spare parts.

The possibility of not restoring the station, but “updating” it again -As mentioned earlier- He raised the alarm on social mediaEspecially after the unfortunate incident with the destruction of part of a ceramic tile at the entrances to Diagonal Norte station in the framework of the Obelisk Node works.

We must remember that Faculty of medicine – such as Diagonal Norte mentioned above and several of those currently undergoing improvement work- It was declared a National Historic Monument in 1997. In this case, The announcement arrived late: by that time Metrovia had already intervened With plaster stucco at catwalk level and gray tiling to staircase and foyer.

Centenera Lab: The workshop that Subte will dedicate to protecting the network’s legacy

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