‘Notre Dame will revive’: next year the great Parisian cathedral is reopened

French President Emmanuel Macron, French Culture Minister Rima Abdelmalek, French Army General Jean-Louis Georgelin and chief architect Philippe Villeneuve, dressed in hard jackets, visit restoration work at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was damaged in the 2019 fire (REUTERS/Sarah Messonnier/Photos TPX pool for today)

French president Emmanuel Macron On Friday, he visited the reconstruction work of the Parisian cathedral Notre DameIt is about to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the fire in 2019, and was sure to meet expectations of completing the work by 2024.

Five years of recovery Notre Dame. It’s gigantic. We’re on it. Craftsmen, restorers, laborers and associates, all difference Active They assured us again this morning: We’ll be there by 2024! “, the post Macron on his Twitter account after the visit.

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Notre Dame Paris will salute. And because it is part of our national destiny and history and because it still has a lot to show, I support the study of establishing a museum dedicated to it.

French President Emmanuel Macron and French Minister of Culture Rima Abdel Malek wear work helmets and visit the restoration work of Notre Dame de Paris. They are convinced a reopening could be in 2024 (Photo: Eric Chain/Pool via Reuters)

During the visit to the temple, which took place in the morning, amidst an intense security presence, as it was a day of great tension due to the crisis triggered by the reform of the pension system. Macron He was accompanied by his wife BrigitteMinister of Culture, Abdul Malik rhymeamong other characters.

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The delegation was able to follow up on the restoration of the pavilion and the completion of the structure that will support the new needle, whose installation will begin at the end of this month and will be completed by the end of the year.

According to the latest official progress report, after the completion of the initial installation phase at the end of summer 2021, clean-up and construction tasks are now “advance”.

Regarding the symbolic “arrow”, the cathedral’s 96-meter-high tower that was lost in the fire of April 15, 2019, from the middle of this month the scaffolding will be installed to rebuild it.

Emmanuel Macron visited the restoration work, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdelmalek, his wife and other dignitaries, and acknowledged that the work was “advanced” (Eric Chain/Pool via Reuters)

Macron He did not make statements to the press during the visit, but the cameras caught some of his comments.

“Don’t give up on anything, that’s my motto. Staying on track is my motto,” the French head of state emphasized, in a noisy comment that the press immediately relates to his stance on the pension reform that his government has approved and which is witnessing an important day today.

It is not surprising that the visit took place a few hours before the French Constitutional Council issued its decision this afternoon on the text – which has caused a serious social and political crisis in the country – depending on whether it is in accordance with constitutional principles or not.

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fountain: EFE.

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