Not to return a video that was rented twenty years ago

The horror of all who succeeded in the nineties. The story leads us to United StateWhere a woman discovered it She was being chased by the police From your country yet Do not return rented VHS tape.

This is a ring included Caron McBride, Who twenty-two years ago, in 1999, allegedly rented the video From the movie “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” In a place that no longer existed, and according to the authorities’ record, he never returned it.

McBride learned of the situation when he attempted to do so Change the last name on your driver’s licenseAnd the previous one came. And so he discovered that government officials Oklahoma Charges were brought against him and a court order was issued in 2000 after the return of the tape was postponed.

According to the Cleveland County Attorney’s Office, the woman was previously wanted Misappropriation of leased property. “I emailed them and they said I had a problem in Oklahoma and that I should contact them,” MacBride said surprised.

“They told me about a VHS tape and I had to make it repeat it because I thought, This is madness. This girl is bothering me, right? He said after calling the authorities.

As the woman remembers, she lived with a man who had two daughters who were 8, 10 or 11 years old. “I think he must have rented the film and not returned it. I haven’t seen this show in my entire life Meanwhile, I am a criminal wanted for VHS tape, “McBride repudiated.

finally, The story had a happy endingThe district attorney reviewed the allegation and decided to dismiss it The charge was dropped.

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