Norwegian science fiction series to watch on HBO

Beforeigners – Foto: HBO

Before the signatories (Visitors) Is one of the most commented novelties in the HBO. The Norwegian tape created and written by Elive Skodvin And the Anne Bjornstad, Both characters celebrated their crime drama work Lillihammer. In this case, they present another program that has a dramatic tone as well, but that’s tinged with elements of science fiction and detective stories.

Conspiracy Before the signatories It narrates an event that changes the order of the world in a definitive way. His official summary predicts: “Some flashes of light appear in the sea and people from the past appear in the present. These individuals from the past must now strive to integrate into modern society.” These time travelers come from three different periods: the Viking Age, the Stone Age, and the 19th century.

So far, critics have been very much improved upon with this production, and some have noted that it is a very plausible story despite all of its cool aspects. For example, off the chain Determined by In his review as follows: “Surprisingly (…) Little by little, he builds a world more complex, vast and interesting than it seemed at the beginning.”

Beforeigners – Foto: HBO

Before the signatories It airs every Sunday at 10 PM on HBO. So far, three seasons have already aired, which can be seen on HBO Go. Check out the trailer below:

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