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it’s about “Radio X Residence… Noel Gallagher«, a British radio program that was broadcast during the month of August and had such special guest in front man by Oasis. On that radio segment that airs every Sunday of the month, the older Gallagher talks about favorite songs, preferences, and many aspects of his intimate life as an artist.

At the show he was accompanied by Matt MurgaN, a famous comedian, is best known for being Co-host of the popular show The Russell Brand Show. Both guests on Radio X’s section are old acquaintances; Morgan had earlier called his friend Noel on a previous podcast.

The radio show had conversations with Matt and Noel according to the editorial line They are talks to “fix the world”. The program also has a section where Gallagher’s favorite music is listened to and analyzed; In addition to part of Questions for Noel from the audience.

From the oasis to the radial speaker

This isn’t the first time Noel Gallagher has been on radio. In addition, his songs are broadcast on many radio stations around the world Matt Morgan shared several episodes of his audio files together How do “How funny is Matt Morgans?” y «Matt Morgan podcast» employment Patreon. Because of this, apart from being friends, they were actually partners behind the mic on several occasions.

According to a statement from Noel’s programme, he said:

“Fortunate independent children, please me and Matt Morgan’s home for a thoughtful man (…) You’ll be listening to some great tunes and a lot of bullshit, the most I scream! “He said the youngest of the gallagher.

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It was one of his chapters with more transcripts where he talked about the most “alcoholic” celebrities, the ’90s and his favorite songs. You can see this below:

You can finally find all chapters of Noel Gallagher and Matt Morgan on the British Broadcasting Corporation website.

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