No, the pronunciation of Constantine in the hypnotic is not wrong

Beyond the changes in comics that fans liked more or less, what resulted controversy Do you Constantine pronunciation in Sandmanthe new successful Netflix series inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman.

If this is the first time you’re seeing this last name in the series, you probably don’t know exactly what we mean, but fans of the character, both on paper and on screen, will definitely notice the difference whether or not they do. I watched episodes in English or Spanish. And of course, that led to Many have their theories on the subject.

Since I started hearing the name in Hollywood movies and seriesConstantine’s pronunciation was “Constantin,” however, in the new show, everyone refers to Johanna as “Constantin.” why?

First of all, it should be clarified Johan Constantine She is the character of Gaiman and appears in . comics Sandmanbut what fans expected is to see him John “The Original”which may sound familiar to you from the movie Keanu Reeves.

Some comments on networks complained of pronunciation error They blamed the fact that, since then john belongs to DCso maybe Netflix I didn’t have the rights character which is why he had to resort to this trick to introduce his descendant (some people initially thought the change to Joanna was also due to this issue).

we will show no. To start with because the platform has Associated with Warner To make the serial, so there are no rights problems, finish, because Constantine’s real pronunciation is Sandman.

Yes it is ‘Constantaain’ not ‘Constantiiiin’ (you can read that with Hermione’s voice in your head), This was confirmed by Gaiman himself.

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