Nintendo Switch Online will not be available for iOS 13 and earlier

Nintendo Switch Online will stop working on iOS 13.0 and earlier (Photo: Nintendo)

According to Nintendo, its application for mobile phones and other devices, “Nintendo Switch Online”, will no longer be available on Apple iOS 13 and earlier operating systems, according to the video game company starting this summer, in reference to the station’s climate. From the north, that is, it is expected that this update will be implemented in the next few days.

Nintendo Switch Online, it can be said that it is the cloud version of the popular console of this company, because through this application and with a monthly payment subscription you can access all the games of the brand, learn about updates and new functions and save games through the account with which they were opened in the payment service.

Today, this app is available on both iOS and Android, for the latter for some time now, a running version of 6.0 was required as a minimum for the video game platform to function properly.

Currently, Apple’s official App Store says this paid subscription service is available for operating systems 12.0 and later, and in the case of iPads, from ipadOS 12.0. Although it is still also enabled for Ipods Touch with iOS versions 12.0 and later.

However, Nintendo recently announced that starting in the middle of this year, the cloud gaming service for Apple devices will be updated to iOS 14 and later.

With the above, the Japanese company explains that the app will be disabled from iOS 13.0 operating environments and from there to the oldest. He even explained it in detail in his statement.

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However, the company has not yet revealed the exact date when its mobile app gaming services will not be offered on the aforementioned Apple operating systems.

Likewise, no statements have been made about whether there will be future changes to Android, so for now on devices like Samsung or Motorola, it will continue to function normally.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Nintendo has made updates to its services on devices recently, as already in August 2021 it made a modification that made the “Nintendo Switch” suitable for iOS 12.0 and later and on Android from version 6. .

The Japanese video game brand recently grabbed headlines by announcing that it will combat cheaters with its new system that allows it to remotely identify changes to game codes, while also confronting the hacking it has fallen victim to.

This gaming platform and its updates are just a sign that the cloud is increasingly being positioned as a hub for powering new technologies and the Internet, where in the future many services will only be available on the web, for what will be essential Wi-Fi and data.

In addition to the above, it is realistic that the internal storage of devices such as computers will go down in history due to web and mobile applications and cloud storage services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

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