Nintendo is speaking out after the latest leaks and taking action on the matter

The company is enhancing its security measures after recent leaks of some of its advertisements

Nintendo is aware of what has happened in recent weeks

It is true that the past few months have been intense in terms of rumors and leaks, Nintendo For the first time in a long time, he spoke about the latest advance information. Without going any further, it was already known that the upcoming The Legend of Zelda would change the protagonist, so now The capital N prevents information from continuing to leak in the future..

During the company's annual shareholders meeting held today Nintendo executives were specifically questioned. After a report suggested that many of the recent ad leaks originated through a Google employee who accessed private videos on the company's YouTube account.

As shown VGCThe directors claimed to be aware of the media reports and confirmed this. Nintendo works with third-party companies to diagnose security leaksLikewise, the company has introduced new measures in its security systems and is also educating its employees about computer security.

Who's leaking to Nintendo?

Although a lot of information about the Nintendo Switch 2 may be false, the topic of the company's leaks has emerged among fans in recent weeks and even… A well-known company informant has disappeared from social networks After revealing that his source of information was a Nintendo employee in Japan, out of curiosity that he had not leaked any announcements from the company's latest Nintendo Direct.

Now, after the premiere of the movie Luigi's Mansion 2 HD This month of June Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition And next July, Nintendo will continue to release new games like The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, which will leave Link in the background. Later will come Mario & Luigi: Brotherly Connectiona title that will take the two brothers to travel around the world to face new challenges, while… Super Mario Jamboree Party This proposal will be the largest in this saga, featuring more than 110 mini-games and seven game boards.

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