Nicaragua: The European Union has warned that the actions of the Daniel Ortega regime make it difficult to hold credible elections

Ciudadanos por la Libertad (CXL) President, Kitty Monterrey (Photo: EFE)

the European Union (EU) on Monday considered that the decision of the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua The opposition “Citizens for Freedom” coalition was removed from the electoral process Three months before the elections, It impedes the possibility of holding legitimate and credible elections.

High Representative for the foreign policy of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell, in a statement that the President of Nicaragua, Daniel OrtegaThe cum Rosario MurilloAnd They want to win the elections without competition.”

Its decision, implemented by the Supreme Election Council on August 6, to withdraw legal personality from the last remaining opposition political party before the general elections in November, It destroys the prospects for a legitimate and credible electoral process“, pointed out.

The European Union considers it ‘The opposition has been eliminated’ And that Nicaraguans are deprived of the right to vote “In elections that are credible, inclusive and transparent, in accordance with the Nicaraguan Constitution and international human rights laws and standards.”

He also noted that twenty-seven owe “the adoption of restrictive laws, she completes systematic repression and the arbitrary arrest of the presidential candidates, Opposition leaders, student leaders, peasant movements, journalists and business representatives.”

Daniel Ortega (Photo: EFE)
Daniel Ortega (Photo: EFE)

President Ortega and Vice President Murillo He must stop this tyrannical snail and change coursesays the statement.

The European Union has also urged the Nicaraguan authorities to do so Release all political prisoners, reintegrate political parties, repeal restrictive laws, and allow free elections fair and with the aim of reconciliation and a democratic solution.”

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Civic unity of all social, economic and political actors in Nicaragua in favor of peaceful democratic change “It is still necessary to build a better future”The statement adds.

In this context, it indicates that the European Union “will work with The international community To defend dialogue, democracy and Promoting respect for the rule of law and human rights in Nicaragua.

On August 2, the European Union imposed sanctions on eight other people in the context of the political crisis that Nicaragua is going through, and included in that group the Vice President and Ortega’s wife, Rosario Murillo.

The sanctions regime against Nicaragua was first adopted in October 2019, after the Council had repeatedly expressed concern about the deteriorating political and social situation in Nicaragua and Condemn the repression practiced since April 2018 against political opponents, demonstrators, independent media and civil society.

On May 4, 2020, the Council adopted First restrictive measures against six people.

(With information from AFP)

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