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Next November, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will again see the face of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and he will also meet again with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. They will meet in Mexico to assess free trade between the three countries.

The trade relationship between the three North American nations was already in place before any of the three heads of state rose to the top. First in the form of the North American Free Trade Agreement and later as a new trade agreement that we call here T-MEC.

The memorable pacts are that they were there when they arrived, that they have clear operating rules and that they must continue to operate after Lopez Obrador, Biden and Trudeau leave power.

The three countries have developed a trade dependency relationship between them. The three presidents are obligated to facilitate, not hinder, this trilateral trade meeting that has been organized for 28 years under the framework of free trade.

When this November comes, if only the meeting announced by Lopez Obrador is confirmed for the time being, we will see pictures of three nice leaders who will surely display the desire for at least a friendly summit.

What is happening with the work teams of the three countries behind the scenes of Tire Al-Wad will remain in these four months, which were absent from such a meeting.

Besides the usual differences that trade volume such as the volume of trade in North America can bring, the fact is that the two partners of Mexico are not satisfied with the non-compliance with the T-MEC parity rules by the Lopez Obrador government, especially on energy matters. .

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From the start, Lopez Obrador greets his counterparts from the United States and Canada with the news that Mexico is distancing itself from daylight saving time, which these two northern countries use, due to an apparent personal whim. It hurts business relationships, it hurts supply chains, it hurts financial relationships, tourism, everything.

Today, Mexico, the United States and Canada must plan two major changes that are being imposed for geopolitical reasons.

On the other hand, the increasingly difficult relationship with China gives Mexico the opportunity to become an industrial center closer to points of consumption and thus take over by large companies from the East.

On the other hand, the three should think about how to coordinate the use of clean energy to combat climate change and in the process release energy resources that can be exported to Europe, which has a serious problem with Russia.

But no, Lopez Obrador’s hard-line energy policies close the door to both opportunities, on the contrary, it opens a battle front to respect the rights of American and Canadian energy companies.

In the end, Lopez Obrador, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are the directors of their countries’ institutions, and by the way, that triangular institution that represents the trilateral trade agreement.

None of the three has the right to consider himself the inventor of warm water, no matter how many transformations he imagines.

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