Next Saturday, Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori will discuss in Peru

Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori (Sebastian Castaneda / AFP)

Presidential candidates in Peru Pedro Castillo s Keiko Fujimori They confirmed it They will discuss on Saturday In North Shota, after challenging himself all this week to confront his government’s plans.

After overcoming a health problem that forced him to suspend his scheduled activities in Lima, Castillo traveled Friday to Chota, his hometown, where he summoned Fujimori for his first informal debate.

The candidate accepted the challenge and confirmed that she will be present at 1:00 pm (6:00 pm GMT) This Saturday in the Plaza de Armas in that city more than 960 kilometers from Lima.

The challenge facing distortion

The far left party Peru Free He mentioned this Friday on his official Twitter account that Castillo returns to Chota after overcoming respiratory compensation Which he suffered when he arrived in Lima on Thursday.

Our candidate Pedro Castillo is heading to Shota to show Fujimori that we are striving for change, for hope and not for exploitative continuity.Reassured the group.

The decision was announced hours after the Peru Liberian representative in Chota, Victor Cabrera, announced that the discussion would not take place because “the necessary conditions” did not exist in that city.

But after a meeting with municipal authorities, Cabrera assured reporters that the security problems had already been overcome and that “the recommendation is that the two candidates respect the population.”

“We do not want insults, but we do want proposals,” he said.

Pedro Castillo in the middle of the campaign (Angela Pons / Reuters)
Pedro Castillo in the middle of the campaign (Angela Pons / Reuters)

Confirm the simile

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This information was confirmed by a spokesman for the Fujimori party in Chota, Samuel MejiaWho announced that it was proposed to address proposals to confront the health and economic crisis in the country, as well as plans for every candidate for education and combating corruption.

Mejia added to Fujimori. “You must arrive before noonTo that town and that the militants from his party are preparing to receive it.

Fujimori, in turn, confirmed his intention to reach Chota and announced on Twitter that he had accepted an offer from the station RPPTo organize all the details of the discussion, including safety and health conditions for everyone“.

My only request is for it to be open to all press. I hope Candidate Castillo does not continue to elude the debate. Don’t run Pedro, don’t run, ”the authoritarian right-wing People’s Power Party leader reiterated.

Keiko Fujimori acting (Reuters / Sebastian Castaneda)
Keiko Fujimori acting (Reuters / Sebastian Castaneda)

The government confirmed security

In this regard, the Minister of the Interior said, Jose EllisAt a press conference, he confirmed that The authorities will allow the discussion to take place Despite restrictions due to the state of health emergency, police have been ordered to reinforce security in Chota.

And orders were issued to deploy 200 police officers, 150 from the Special Services Unit, and 50 from State Security. So that they can guarantee the safety of the event, “Ellis pointed out.

The minister noted that “The idea is to ensure public order, but above all, the safety of people, and compliance with the rules of the epidemic“.

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He concluded that “such a debate should have exemplary characteristics, leaving the candidates free to give the messages they want.”

After it occupied the first and second places in the general elections on April 11th, respectively, Castillo and Fujimori will compete for the presidency of Peru in the second round, which he called on June 6.

A poll by private company Datum on Friday indicated that Castillo maintains a 10-point advantage over Fujimori, gaining 44% of the voting intention, versus 34% of his competitor.

(With information from EFE)

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